The Ask Champion Compendium Welcome to the Champion Compendium new RPers, returning RPers, and regulars! I'm Kameil, I keep this front page as tidy as I can using the formatting provided to us so everyone can read this easily. ________ #Need access to a Champion's thread? See if they're Available? Their Strikes? Who is Away?! Visit the [**Champion Activity**]( sheet! Use this sheet to check the Champions now. Access to their threads, see if they're Away/Available or see how many Strikes they have! > **When it comes to taking an Available Champion.** > > * Begin by stating your interest in claiming them. > > * This statement may be made from any account, and lasts 5 days. > > * Within 5 days, create an account named after the champion "Ask Ezreal" / "Ask the Explorer" > > * You may rename your base account, or make a smurf account for that champion. > > * A Smurf is an alternate account made with a different e-mail. They must reach level 5 to post in the boards. > > * Make your Ask Thread with the appropriately named account. > > * Link your new Ask Thread in the Compendium to finalize your claim. > > * Only Champions are allowed to have Ask Threads. > >* A person may only hold 2 Champions at once **Taking over a previously held champion thread is as follows...** > * If a champion is inactive (no posts. etc) for 14 Days without notice of being "Away" or "Taking a Break", they will be in danger of being taken. > > * Any person wishing to take the role must post their intent in the champion's thread, and the Compendium. > > * Should the roleplayer fail to respond within 3 days (72 hours), the champion will be given to the newcomer. > > * If the champion was inactive for 21 days (3 weeks), they become Available for claiming and may be claimed through normal means. > > * This Available status is revoked on a champion RPer's return to activity. #Rule 8: > As a champion RPer, you will be expected to sustain a certain threshold of in character activity to maintain your claim. Activity is monitored via a 3-strike system, activity is checked on the account level. Accruing 3 strikes leads to the loss of your claim to a champion, typically for 1 month, as agreed upon collectively by the Compendium Staff. If this feels like an unfair amount of time, talk to us. Note that extenuating circumstances may be taken into account in the assignment and removal of strikes on a case by case basis. Strikes are accumulated as follows: > >* Not posting IC for 14 days earns one strike per 14 day period.* > >* Additional inactivity following a month long Away Status (See below) > > * If the community feels you are behaving unfairly or abusing your privilege to a champion claim they may call it into investigation. > >*Posting "((Bump))", or anything similar, does not constitute in character activity for the purposes of strikes. If a champion does not have activity to respond to on the board, then they may create a loading screen tip/informational snip for their champion, request and reply to a writing prompt from others, of which the Compendium staff gladly volunteer for, or do something in-character on the role playing board to refresh their overall activity. Personal artwork, journal entries, or other such character-relevant items are also allowed. > > Strikes decay as follows: > > * One strike will be removed for each month (30 days) of activity with no strikes. **Taking a Break -** If you need to take a short break from posting, you can do so under the standard "14 days" allowed for no posting. > * State in an OOC post in your thread or in the Ask Champion Compendium that you need a couple weeks and are "taking a break". > > * You will have 2 weeks from the date you posted where you will be free of champion obligations. This covers most vacations or study periods for finals. > > * If you take two consecutive "Breaks" one right after the other, it will instead count as an "Away Status" and you will be required to follow the rules regarding that. > > * For times longer than 2 Weeks, see "Away Status" **"AWAY STATUS"** If a champion RPer is having difficulties and requires more than a 2 Week Break outlined above, they may place themselves on "Away Status" or a "Hiatus." > * To begin a Hiatus, make a post in your champion thread & the Ask Champion Compendium stating your reason and intent. > > * From the date of your "Away Status" you have 1 Month (30 days) to get things in order. > > * Your Hiatus ends upon acknowledging both in your thread & the Ask Champion Compendium that you have returned. > > * You will then be held to the standard rules for inactivity. > > * After 30 Days, if you haven't returned and still can't consistently portray your role, you will earn a Strike for each additional week of inactivity. > > * After the end of an "Away Status," you cannot begin another for another full month from the date of your return to prevent abuse. > > * Exceptions may be made for Emergency Situations, like severe medical issues, family emergencies, etc. --------------------------- Apparently I also have a team of gremlins helping me keep this Compendium up to date, at the moment they are... * Krizonar * My Chromdolences * Ask Annie ------------------------------------------- If you'd like to help keep this dang thing up to date, comment in this thread or message me or the helpers in Discord. How would you do that? #BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! **We have a Discord server!** Interacting with your fellow RPers helps for future RPs! Play games with them! Have fun! Grow together! Be yourself! You can meet new friends, acquire frenemies, and meet folks you can deem important. _If you'd like to join our Discord server_ click this link here! []( Make sure you read the rules! You'll only be able to talk in the general chat if you don't! **Again, please, if there are any mistakes. Please comment about it or get the attention of me or one of the helpers, do not hesitate, we will check again and fix that mistake!**
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