It's the End of the World as We Know It! Let's Play Tag! (Ask Zoe)

**_I am working on a kind of profile for Zoe based on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 It's been taking time, but I'll be working on it more often now._** Reality is a very fragile thing to the majority of people. A moment is all it takes for one someone to completely loose their sense of what is right and wrong in the world and fall into madness, confusion, or uncertainty. That kind of thing is exactly what happens whenever Zoe enters any form of reality or world other than that of the gods, specifically Mount Targon- _Almost done?_ Oh... you're in this one now. _Yeppers! What took you so long to realize?_ I'd rather no talk about it. Anyway, just give me a few more minutes to- _Nope! I'm taking over now! You can take the sub-portal back to bed._ --- The Aspect of Twilight, known as and name given as Zoe, is back in the world of Runeterra to give a message of some kind of importance or a warning about someone that has to do with something that will cause a historical event to happen possibly maybe within the next unknown amount of time before eternity ends. She wasn't sure what it was, and still isn't, and Pantheon was no help with his talk of war and battle and whatever else aspects of war talk about or do, the Solaria champion, Leona, didn't want to help her possibly because she had become so focused on whatever the Solaria focus on now to care about anything other than the giant fireball about to go supernova and destroy everything of relevance in the world is a very short amount of time that might be tomorrow or next week or some other really-really-really long time from now, and she couldn't find any of the Lunari members except for whatever Diana was, but even she seemed too busy with her own tasks to help her. It was by Zoe's account. Things just happened whenever and wherever she was and went, and she always delivered her message right on time to the person, persons, people, peoples, thing, things, or whatever else there was she was supposed to. Things just worked out that way without much thought on her part. Instead of racking her brain like she never did, she decided to go around and see if she could find anything interesting to play with and how the world had changed since the last time she was in the world. It would be fun, if nothing else, and, eventually, she would know her message was delivered to the right person. --- 1. Standard rules apply to this; be nice and all of that. 2. My portrayal of Zoe will have elements of being overpowered. This does not mean god-moding, odd since she is a deity, but think of her as in a constant state of URF (not ARAM as it was before. 80% cooldown reduction on abilities and infinite mana). 3. At certain points during RP's, Zoe may just abandon whoever she is talking with. Don't worry though; she's no more than a couple meters away. _**Time for those changes!!!**_ 4. I like the idea that Zoe is a foodie. She loves to eat sweet things and try new foods, her favorites being pasties. Bring mana biscuits if you really want to make an impression! 5. Zoe's hair has traits of a galaxy, or extra-dimensional storage space. Don't be surprised if something comes out of it when she brushes her hair! Okay, so this one might not be used much, but I thought it was funny. 6. For me, I will be comparing Zoe to a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 spellcaster, character sheet will be posted later, along with spell slots, class levels, and any variants. What spells she knows are irrelevant in my opinion, as are skill points, but I will be including hit dice, health, armor, stats, and save bonuses. 7. I am a big Dungeons and Dragons fan, so do not be surprised if I reference it a lot in my portrayal of Zoe. Changes may be made to this later. Don't worry too much about them though. Zoe is a free-roaming character and almost any beginning interaction will work. I am still working on this, but here is my idea of Zoe if she were a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 character:
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