"Step into my parlor..." (Semi open hunt for Evelynn)

_"Said the spider to the fly."_ --- Another day rose in Piltover followed by a blood moon signaling the grim misadventures that had taken place during the night, a series of disturbing murders had taken place in the city of progress during the week, most of the targets were wealthy, influential or a great mind amongst many. But the murders were far too elaborate to be considered a random act each of them found mutilated, tortured beyond recognition except for a twisted smile the promise of pleasure and lust went awry hauntingly similar to the legends surrounding a demon of lust. In the central Piltover precinct, a disturbed officer made his way to Caitlyn's office entering after knocking once. After having witnessed far too many of the murders he had become unraveled to his very core hands shaking as he put down the report on her desk. "Detective Samuel called it in sir, another murder." He paused trying to fix his messy uniform and hair to take his mind of the crime scenes continuing in a shaky tone. "The public is out for blood ma'am; they want whoever is behind this behind steel and soon. The biggest houses are talking too..." He paused shaking his head. "Sorry, rambling. I'll get out of your hair sir everything else in the report." He left without another word his haunted eyes leaving her alone in the room once more. Like every other report filed during the week, the murder was the same, an influential person torn apart beyond recognition except for a twisted smile of pleasure on their lips. The location was marked in the report more specifically on the street out in the open wide open for the public. To make matters worse, the rain that smattered down on the windows grew dark the sky slowly being blocked out by dark clouds an ominous omen. --- Once she made her way downtown Caitlyn would be greeted by officers attempting to hold back a large crowd who was crying out for justice, for now, the wall of officers held but the situation grew worse by the minute as the civilians started to take out bring makeshift weapons, broken bottles, a kitchen knife whatever they had found at home. The leader of them a well-dressed woman of noble bearings standing on a box greeted Caitlyn as she passed through. "What are you going to do about these murders, _sheriff?"_ Her tone was mocking not unlike the times Caitlyn had targeted and taunted for failing to bring in 'C.' A dark-skinned officer moved over to Cait intervening before she could answer the crowd. _"A moment ma'am."_ He motioned for her to follow into a tent where they could find temporary respite from the rain and angry civilians. Inside she would see a small base of operations with a table in the middle a map of Piltover marking the murders on it. Taking two cups of coffee, he offered her one before sipping on his speaking. "This is spiraling out of control sheriff. The people out here are angry, irrational. We've lost more people than we do a year." Downing his coffee, he muttered out _'bloody hell'_ to himself pointing out the nearest victim site. "We need a plan." He and the other officers inside the tent stopped for a moment all of them looking at Cait for an answer, a plan to this madness.
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