One Night of Rest (Ask Xayah)

It’s been a few days since the duo arrived at the Kinkou village in the southern region of Ionia; and though she loathed every night she had to stay in this forsaken human-dominant town, Xayah knew that if she wanted to complete her mission here she’d have to suffer through this ‘torture’. Fortunately the inhabitants weren’t as hostile as those she’d met in other places, in fact, Vastayans mingled amicably and without bother. And though this might have warmed the heart of someone less callous, this worried the battle-scarred woman. This so-called peace left them unprotected and with their guard down so close to the enemy… they’d never see it coming when the unsuspecting knife drives into their back. Hopefully that day would never come... But tonight, the red-haired Vastayan was reluctantly… “cutting loose”, or so her better half called it. The local pub was a racket as usual, and if Rakan hadn’t dragged her out of their rented room at the inn she’s still be there pouring over her plans for the next week and a half. But here she was... sulking at an empty table in the corner, hood drawn up, mug of ale in her hand. Oh joy… At least Rakan was having fun. She could hear the noise he was making by the front of the bar, life of the party as always. Stories of the two had been circulating around Ionia for months, so it wasn’t surprising to see folks come up to them and ask them about their glorious adventures, or so Rakan calls them. Of course one out of the two seemed more likely to speak than the other (and less likely to kill you where you stood), so most patrons made sure to steer clear of the Violet Raven and instead mingle with the talkative Golden Charmer, which was honestly fine with Xayah. After all, talking to people is never on her to-do list. Luckily for the courageous few who didn't’ mind her cold gaze, Xayah had since gone through two and a half pints of ale, and was experiencing a pleasant buzz that fizzled in the back of her mind. A more relaxed state than she usually was in to be sure. She might… just might be able to stand exchanging a word or two if anyone so dared to approach her.
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