Fortune Doesn't Favor Fools .. {Ask Miss Fortune}

_**Sarah Fortune**_ a.k.a **Miss Fortune** _The Fun Begins_ ********** I spent many of the early years of my life drowning in sorrow . Trapped in a never-ending cycle of memories from the past . The only emotion coursing through my mind .. **vengeance** . I wanted only to avenge the deaths of my family, the people I loved and the people who loved me . This strong feeling of vengeance is what shaped me into what I am today. A part of my mind is forever trapped inside the burning workshop that my mother and father were murdered in. I remembered the man's name, his features, everything. **Gangplank** .. I recreated the pistols that my mother had crafted that were intended for Gangplank but he had smashed her original creation, along with her entire legacy. I began to devote my time to Bounty Hunting. I hunted down criminals and took in their corpse's in exchange for reward. This helped prepare me for the vengeance that I had stored inside me . Any criminal who was hunted by me either came out dead or in chains. Nonetheless, years after my family's slaughter . I finally got my vengeance . You see, **MY** vengeance wasn't fueled by the desire to see him dead. It was fueled by the desire of his abject humiliation & to see everything that he cared for _burn_ so, I blew his flagship into the sky . I had finally gotten what i had been striving for after all these years . The King of Bilgewater had fallen along with his flagship, and all of Bilgewater got to witness it. **_Present Time_** She strolled into town, dragging a corpse behind her . Her pistols holstered on her hips, as her bloody-red hair flowed in the wind. She made her way to the Town Square still dragging the corpse. She fixated her vision towards a scraggly middle-aged fella who offered to take the corpse for her. She gave him a stern stare as she turned away from him only stating, ` ` I know what I'm doing . `` She walked away from the fella, heading towards the Sheriff's Station. She sensed an aura behind her as the fella attempted to touch her. She immediately let go of her corpse, swinging her fist backwards connecting a strong blow right across his cheekbone. She then reached for her holster as she raised her knee up into his groin area, dropping him to his knees then placing her pistol against his forehead. She chuckled, using her other hand to grab the corpse. The civilians of the town all started to notice the altercation and immediately started watching it unfold. ` ` Bang ! ` ` She taunted the scraggly fella, as he showed no emotion, didn't even flinch and instead stared her down. ` ` You've got dangerous eyes .. I like that. ` ` She chuckled as she returned the favor, staring the man down, intensely. ` ` Enough of this. ` ` She pistol whipped him across his temple, leaving him unconscious. The civilians gasped as they all started to stare at her in shock . ` ` What ..? I didn't kill him or nothin' . ` ` She stated, as she continued to drag the corpse, pushing open the doors to the Sheriff's Station. She stepped inside and let go of the corpse, kicking it to the middle of the station. She smirked as she looked around the station, as there were men sitting down at the tables drinking beer and chewing tobacco. ` ` The deed is done .. now my reward. ` ` She said as she placed one hand on her hip and strutted up to the sheriff . She reached into her pocket as she pulled out a satchel. She held out her satchel and waited for her reward. She wrapped up the satchel after she received her reward and placed it back in her pocket. ` ` You know .. I'm bored. I'm in the mood for some action. ` ` She turned away from him as she walked back over to the Sheriff's Station doors. ` ` Find something interesting for me .. I grow tired of making waste of pushovers .` ` She pushed the station doors open as she strutted out of the Sheriff's Station swinging her hips from side to side and her bloody-red hair still flowing in the wind behind her . She walked to the center of Town Square where she began to speak to everyone. ` ` **HEY !** Pay attention .. I have something that I'd like to tell you all . As you may have gathered from what took place earlier here today. I don't like being touched and I can handle myself. You think because I'm an attractive woman I can't pick up my own slack ..? You're strongly mistaken and if any of you dare underestimate me .. you should quickly educate yourself because it'd be too late to learn about me when you're on the receiving end of my pistol. ` ` She flicked a strand of her bloody-red hair and smirked as she look out at everyone who was listening to her speak. ` ` Any questions ..? ` ` She asked . ********** Remember, everyone is welcome to roleplay ! The only rules I really have that I want to set in place are, Please don't get involved in other people's (or my own) storylines, lore, or backgrounds without their permission. Don't spam the comments, and please try to be patient sometimes I may not get to you immediately. And please, be respectful to one another and be NICE. I look forward to roleplaying with you guys. Just Remember, _Fortune Doesn't Favor_ _**Fools**_ .
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