The Path of Shadows [Ask Kayn] by [日埜宮だんご [@pixiv](]( --- Right after [The Blade of Millennia.]( --- “I have claimed my destiny”. And the disturbing gurgle of Nakuri’s blood confirmed it. The other acolyte remained at his feet, twitching like a severed limb as the liquid crimson pooled beneath him. So impetuous, so foolish, so dead. He had even attempted to steal his glory, deny him the Scythe through false warnings. Nakuri didn’t understand, weakness possessed him, fear controlled him. Kayn stood there, as the bells of Vindor tolled urgently, but in his mind, time had become a slow, heavy substance, like half frozen mercury, progressively losing its relevance. Once more he was surrounded by corpses, the earth softening with blood, turning into mud, as fragrant as wet metal. Just like the Epool’s coast, so many years ago. Both of his hands tightened around the snath, feeling the weight of the weapon, judging it, sensing the dormant evil within that metal which throbbed like a ghastly muscle. The Blade of Millennia was alive, a dim pulse coursed through the flesh surrounding the closed eye. The edge glistened with blood against the sunset, fresh blood, Nakuri’s blood, the first sacrifice on the altar of his greatness. It dripped from the tip of the scythe, whose strange surface seemed to become more red with every toll of the distant bells, as if it was slowly absorbing the crimson liquid, now turned into glowing dots of essence. It feasted on the acolyte’s faded life. The eye opened slowly, drowsy, revealing a burning, red iris that glimmered faintly. Rhaast, the Darkin weapon, looked around. His malevolent gaze inevitably ended up focusing on the corpse at his wielder’s feet, on the stain of dark blood over the soil. Such a waste, for someone as thirsty as he was. Millennia of imprisonment had reached their end. Rhaast, once again, was free. “_The path has been chosen_", he spoke, a low-pitched musing in a voice metallic and unnatural. The Darkin’s conscience was rubbing against Kayn’s, feeling it, tasting it, clumsily rummaging, already trying to find an opening. “_Destiny… will be forged in blood_". “No”. Kayn’s eyes narrowed, immediately sensing the perverse entity attempting to infect his thoughts like a virulent disease. “My destiny will be forged in Shadow,” the boy reassured as his grip tightened even more, almost strangling the snath. “While to serve me”. Rhaast remained silent. For a few more moments, he continued to investigate Kayn’s mind, more intrusive with each passing second, even through the mental barriers. The eye squinted. “_Are you sure?_", the darkin said, followed by a short, dark chuckle. The life essence of the fallen acolyte was woven with shadow, a unique form of power, electric and delicious to his dulled senses. Rivers of blood would still be needed to fully awaken his power, Rhaast had starved for eons, this was a mere drop in the desert of his thirst. Small, but very significant, as it granted precisely what he needed. The eye’s evil glow flourished like a beacon of red darkness, bleeding energy from the scythe’s heel down the snath, and flowing into Kayn’s human hands. The boy could feel the power, the pulses, beating like a heart, strangely synchronizing with his own in a communion, as if they were one single entity. The sensation was dark, exhilarating, even addictive, the ancient power which so righteously belonged to him. “I am Chosen”, Kayn replied arrogantly, lowing his guard, accepting and claiming that strength. His eyes closed as he focused in subduing the power, turning it into his own. But that same power was poisoned with an alien will, one he inevitably absorbed. The tendrils of Rhaast’s conscience stabbed Kayn like imperceptible needles, piercing through his mind, his soul, and body. Raw, primitive power possessed his flesh, twisted it, like an infection that permeated even the marrow of his bones. It crept through his fingers and into his left arm, almost attracted to his heart, hungry to devour it. His skin was misshapen as a chitin-like carapace bloomed from his flesh, similar to an armor. The pain was nothing compared to the perverse power he absorbed. That power was his destiny. “_Kayn_". Rhaast called him for the first time as the fingers clutching his snath became less and less human. “This is what you always wanted. This is the power you craved for the moment you suffered in that filthy mud. Give in.” The corruption continued to spread, crawling up Kayn’s neck, even to his face like a horrid scar. Rhaast felt confident, he had won, this would be his body, he could even taste the wrath he would unleash upon that miserable land. “_You will serve me now. Your body shall be the vessel in which I’ll carry the undoing of this world!_” The evil voice reverberated with triumph. Kayn’s eyes snapped open, only to see his face reflected in the fallen katana Nakuri’s fist still clenched. He… had changed, he could barely recognize the image of the monstrosity the mirrored steel returned to him. Perhaps that had been Nakuri’s last act of service to the Order. “How dare you underestimate me, Rhaast!”, he hissed between gritted teeth. The assassin felt his blood freeze with fury at the darkin’s insolence. That hate dissipated the haze in his thoughts, shredding the trance of Rhaast’s parasitic consciousness still trying to blend with his own. He heard a disgusted holler, the surprised grunt of the first two Vindoran soldiers behind him. Kayn instantly glanced over his shoulder, the eye glowing with malice, slit by a black pupil locked on them. The soldiers saw a monster or a demon surrounded by corpses and charred remains. In return, Kayn saw the most genuine fear conquering their bodies, weakening their grasps. Warriors had been turned into shivering leaves only by staring at him as if he was an evil god. Kayn understood as he remembered. That was the natural consequence of power, his power. His very presence could intimidate and break the will of the meek. A part of his humanity had been sacrificed… temporarily. Soon he would vanquish the darkin stain. “May everyone know what you have seen”, the assassin ordered as the dissolved into unfurled ribbons of shadow. This time, there wouldn’t be an impetuous Nakuri to kill those soldiers and ruin his message. Noxus would know, Noxus would fear. --- > **OOC;** > > Hello there, welcome to Kayn's Ask Thread. > > ~~Until Zed decides to get rid of him for trying to kill him~~ Kayn resides in the monastery of the Order of the Shadow. > This means he will hop into whoever attempts to trespass these _sacred_ lands. > However, Kayn and Rhaast can be found in several places around Ionia. > Many times he goes in self-assigned "assassination missions" to feed Rhaast. [This is somewhat a secret Zed may easily find out {{item:3070}} ] > > **List of potential ~~targets~~ worthy souls:** > Vastaya in general. > ~~The Kinkou~~ > The Enlightened. > The Dark Sovereign. > Jhin > The Exile > Yasuo > > > *More will be added as Kayn finds out.
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