The Silent String Maven (Ask Sona)

Silence. A word, a setting, a description, and all terminologies set aside for this was the general idea that Sona encompassed. Even after the meet-and-greets of her fans, the two-story home and its bedroom she wrote her music in had a tendency to carry this awfully-large atmosphere of quiet. She hummed in her head, a way to break the mental quietness of everything. Sometimes, it was her ally-- Most of the time, it wasn't. _Hm...This melody doesn't quite work..._ If only it rained. It was uncomfortable having to hear the high-pitched ringing. She enjoyed the music, every part of the process right down to its final presentation. Considering how much devotion she put into it, it's almost as if she was destined for it. However, she can get a little frustrated when it came to the brain storming. She looked annoyed already and for such a small bedroom, the fact that she could see a hill of folded airplanes beginning to form in the corner was kind of a warning symbol. For all people knew, maybe the song ideas were really good and she just had a high set of expectations. She briefly set her pen down on the desk...Then began folding the parchment. At least then, she'd fulfill something for the time being. _Maybe I would do better setting myself at a small-time job during this time. A bakery would be nice._ It's not like she had trouble communicating with people. She knew her sign language, she wrote fairly quickly, and her music was well on its way to becoming a literal voice to the people in front of her. However, she wasn't sure if she could keep up casual conversations hours on end. Maybe the idea of talking to strangers like a normal worker would really just bring the opposite effect of what she intended. Then again, it would be good practice to go out more often. She never knew who might give her inspiration. Another airplane made. She threw it across the room, watching it glide. She wondered if the way it moved was the same fashion as that of her music. Maybe she just enjoyed the lack of jarringness that she and her etwahl created. Well, she didn't _hate_ jarringness. There was the slight concern of her magic influencing the etwahl. It wasn't to say that she had no control over it, but she was that kind of person who worried about things she really shouldn't be. Speaking of etwahl, Sona inspected her signature instrument, ocean blue pupils gazing up and down the strings. Due to the light coming from her nearby window, it kind of looked like there were hundreds of tiny stars right on it. Maybe one of those lights was her in a way. _I wonder if dust has ever gotten on the strings before._ Her palm lightly patted on the strings, curious to see if there was some right now. _Wouldn't **I** know if there was dust on it?_ She blankly thought to herself, while also now fully aware that no dust has gotten on her instrument yet. She definitely was bored. To counteract this, she stood up from her desk in the decision that she might've been sitting at this spot for far too long and she should switch her focus and take a break. Maybe take a walk, answer some fan letters, invite some visitors...She had fairly open doors, but there was little a person that came around. She thought about making a statement pointing it out. "Hey, come join the ~~amazing~~ Sona Buvelle-" She imagined herself scratching off that comment, frowning very briefly. That was slightly embarrassing. "She lives in a small two-story home with bathroom, large living room, and kitchen/dining room downstairs; and a soundproof music room, guest room, bathroom, and her own room upstairs...All packed in a corner of the Great City of Demacia where crime was small and the streets are quiet!" She blinked. That might've been too descriptive, she thought. At least the house was compact enough that she could clean the whole thing herself without guaranteeing back pains, and she just generally liked the light cool colors of the whole building. However, it wasn't that much of a beauty to look at like one of the noble houses, but at least she could call it home without feeling a little gaudy. Then again, people know where to look and go if they want to find her. She just hoped they knock first. __________ Anyway, feel free to drop a letter by at Sona's place, or even come visit if she's home. She has two homes, one in Demacia and another in Ionia. Same structure, different but fitting styles for their corresponding region. ) If you'd like to contact me to help me keep up-to-date, I'm available as A-RISE THE KNIVES#4876. Thanks in advance.)
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