Sovereignty Reigns [Ask Syndra] *** *** **Ionia used to be quieter.** **There was a time, once, when the sounds of nature washed over the sounds of everything else. A simpler time, where things weren't always as complicated as they were now.** High above the forests and nations of Runeterra, deeply nestled within the clouds in the sky, lay a solitary fortress where none dared to intrude upon. At one point it belonged to Ionia, just a few steps away from the Placidium. Each day one could walk the path and find a menagerie of the most studious of Ionians near the stronghold, eager to speak of the things they were learning at the School of Transcendentalism. It was here that a studious young woman lived her life, and where she died. Metaphorically speaking, of course, as the ruler of the floating castle was more than alive. Her magic had wrenched free the building from the earth itself and freed it from the shackles that held it there. What had died was something more intimate that she'd have rather not speak of. Now was not the time to be speaking of the past, anyways. Everyone was always moving forward, improving, building, connecting. There were so many new things to learn and experience, unshackled by laws or deceit. Things ordinary people would struggle to comprehend when given the opportunity to stare into infinity. In the short time she'd realized her potential... her _true_ potential, Syndra had made it a personal mission to become more than what she was told she could be allowed to be. Things she had been told stories of, demons, yordles, monsters, even _gods..._ all manner of in-between began to emerge before her very eyes and instead of being overwhelmed like everyone _said_ she would, she could see the truth behind the legends. It was like seeing the rest of the universe with a completely new set of eyes. The very fabric of how things worked, what limits there were to things she previously thought were infinite and what endlessness there was to things she knew were set in stone constantly shifted. Runeterra was but an insignificant speck in the vastness of the universe and every day Syndra grew ever more capable of anything she put her mind to. Perhaps she would travel the cosmos, traverse dimensions, or create an entirely new form of magic. The thoughts of becoming more than anyone ever could raced in her mind, pushing Syndra to be better than she was yesterday. For now, though, perhaps reading a good book would suffice. The simple things in life still brought a smile to her face. **Maybe a nice tale of the Spirit Realm. I always did like those stories.** **** [Hi everyone! After a long hiatus from anything boards related I'm back to roleplay Syndra.] [If you expect to treat her like anything less than a monarch, expect to be tossed out into the sky. Disrespect will not be tolerated! :) ] [I will try and draw images for all responses! I've done it for most all of my responses but life has kept me busy and I'm afraid if I wanna keep my position as Syndra I have to forgo it for some of my responses.] [Letters are expected, if you intend to visit physically send a letter first or you will be thrown out into the sky!] [AU/Skin related conversations and interactions are welcome!] [I apologize if I am late replying to you. I have been busy with things as of late and do not mean to be rude. Excuse me if it seems a while has passed.]
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