Let Me Guide You. (Soraka, the Starchild)

https://t00.deviantart.net/C2qtp6JuJARw1nDF7H5c9ogHOW0=/fit-in/700x350/filters:fixed_height(100,100):origin()/pre00/26f6/th/pre/f/2014/103/c/2/banana_by_justduet-d7ecb8o.png *The Iradi Forest was hailed as one of the most vibrant stretches of woods in Ionia. And in a nation that sported nature's beauty everywhere the eye could see, that was a rare honor to be bestowed. It sported majestic waterfalls, treelines blanketed in mists in the morning, and teeming with over 1400 documented species by the Ionian Nature Appreciation Division. And Soraka could feel every one of them, all of their unique threads in the tapestry of life.* *Some days Soraka would spend hours with her eyes closed, appreciating the ebb and flow of life as it pulsed throughout the forest. Whenever creatures made their first breath, and whenever they made their last. Life never disappeared completely, it only moved from one body to the next, and so Soraka was content, even in the face of death. Every life was a journey, and all journeys must come to an end eventually. But some journeys were cut short before their time; Soraka believed that her role was to give as many people as she could another chance.* *A chance to change the world for the better.* *A chance to tell somebody their true feelings.* *A chance to right a wrong.* *A chance to end the journey of life with no regrets.* *(Color story coming soon!)* #**Welcome to my RP thread featuring Soraka!** Important info about my rendition of Soraka and how to interact with her in general: * She heals with magic, however it takes time to complete, and she feels a faint echo of the pain the victim is suffering, the echo is stronger every time she heals until she rests. This choice was made to both tie in with her gameplay and limits her healing capabilities to the amount of total pain she can take before not being able to heal for a day. * She is well known in the nearby Ionian town of Iradi, and she has a mailbox for receiving letters there. She may journey some distance away, but she won't leave Ionia for the foreseeable future, and will always return here. This is the best way to contact Soraka as she is mostly in the town giving aid to who she can, or in the forest resting and rejuvenating herself. * If you wish to meet her in person, you can either wait in the town or go in to the forest and run into her there! * She's always willing to give you a healing if you need it, be it physically or emotional healing. My goal is to make her a very comforting presence here, and a safe nonviolent zone for OC and nearby champions to rest up before going off to more adventures, but if the patient in question is... less than a benefit to society, she may think twice before healing you. * Please keep the thread and all RPs within respectful, as we're all here for the same thing. * Most of all, have fun, relax and have a safe journey through life, full of good health~
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