The Circling Crow (Open Bar Hub :: Noxus)

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The rickety door swings open before you, an adequately lit den presenting itself. A thick smell, Shuriman incense, only _just_ masks the smell of liquor, half washed bodies and smoke. [The Bartender,]( a thin woman with moss colored eyes looks you over as you step inside, letting the door close behind you as she clicks her teeth. However, you seem to be of little interest as she then returns her gaze to the mug she polishes in her hands. The Circling Crow. Not exactly Noxus' finest bar (though a bonus is that it seemed almost religiously clean,) but certainly a place perfect for relaxation, inebriation, and secrecy. The bartender and owner, Ira Pelerin, is somewhat known to the underworld for shadier dealings and behaviors, but so long as you have your wits and coin about you, Ira will never bother. _Unless you want her to._ >>**House Rules:** >-No Fighting... Inside >-Pay your tab with coin_ or digits_ >**-No vomiting indoors** >-Take sex to an inn. This is a bar, not a brothel >-If you need a room to sleep it off, there is ONE available out back. See bartender for details ______ >>**The House Drinks** >The Poster Child :: Spiced Bilgewater Rum and Sweet Root Concentrate >The Generals Daughter :: Standard Absinthe, Sugar melted by flame >The Smiling Executioner :: Bilgewater Whiskey, Honey Water, topped with Cinnamon >The Steel Hand :: Noxian Standard Vodka, Tomato Juice, Celery Salt, Zaun Boiling Pepper Sauce >The Tactician :: Piltovian Gin and Tonic water ___ >>**Standard Drinks** Ale Mead Crab Apple Cider House Brewed Beer Snow Rose Wine (white) Blood Briar Wine (red) Noxian Standard (Vodka) Spiced Bilgewater (Rum) Silver Piltovian (Gin) Bilgewater Cold-Fire (Whiskey) Ionian Tranquility (Sake) ____ [Bar Layout]( [Ira's Home Layout]( (private/locked to public rp) //This is a Public HUB for roleplay. -Ira is available as an NPC to RPer's if you ONLY use her as the bartender that she is. Example: placing a drink order, getting the drinks served, ect. Otherwise, Ira will not be interfering in any roleplay here that doesn't specifically call for her. If you wanna RP with Ira, please make sure you put her name in big ol' letters up at the top of the post so i see it/dont skim over it while assuming that its an RP between other people -Ira *is* an informant. Half of why she's good at it is because there is always plenty to listen to in her bar, especially when liquor loosens the tongue. So, there's a good chance that she could 'overhear' certain things in your RP that she may attempt to 'sell' to other muses at later dates. So make sure if you want your business to stay your own, your muse uses caution and secrecy
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