The Hollowing Grounds [Closed RP]

**August 27th Update.** ``` Something I want to bring up for readers is that I no longer consider champions or much of Runeterra to be relevant to the story and they were honestly just a way to keep it more closely tied to League's lore but are pretty much completely irrelevant as such you should treat it as so. I have had replacements for every champion readily available but quite frankly I'm a bit occupied/lazy to do it all immediately so one day I will. **Alright so, Thread is now kind of closed/semi open. Got a lot of arcs I'm trying to finish. Posts to make. I've got a lot of story arcs I need to work on and whatnot and it isn't like people are joining anyway.** **Long story short; don't expect to join very quickly and if you do join understand that we're heading toward closing arcs where this thread may finally close.** **I've had quite a bit of fun with the thread and there is way more to go. I don't really think it would go past 80 pages but here we are. I'll update stuff as I go along. As usual if you have any questions you can ask me here or on discord.** Previous Updates: 11/20/2014 12/09/2014 (Krizonar Update) 12/29/2015 5/2/2016 (Eagleheart Update) 5/14/2016 (Clean Up) Current Update: 12/17/2016 (Summaries Added) >READ THIS BEFORE ROLEPLAYING >[Hollowing Grounds Condensed OP]( Days of The Hollowing Grounds: Day 1: One Man's Misfortune Is Another's Treasure - Page 1 Day 2: The Blackheart Festival - Page 18 Day 3: The Start of Day 3 - Page 52 Day 4: The Dark Angels and Fallen Hero - Page 61 Day 11: The Son of Chaos - Page 77 [**Basic Rules:**]( **TL;DR - You got imprisoned and are forced to stay at the Hollowing Grounds.** [**Current Participating Original Characters:**]( [**Summaries**] Pages: [1-10]( Factions: (More Information Coming Soon) Dawn of Liberty == Black Stinger == Korrin == Followers of Tamek > Special Monsters and Bosses [The Entertaining Abominations](
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