The Temple of Shadows [Ask Zed]

Those who had been to the Kinkou Monastery in the previous decades might remember a wooden gate at the start of a mountain's path. Painted in violets and gold half erased by time, the road ahead was one of solitude and contemplation amongst nature. Sometimes one could hear the soft whispers from beyond; that was a place between the realm of spirits and humans, one in which they lives in harmony, just as Balance dictated. Such was the way of the Kinkou. Nowadays, the door still remains, its pillars slightly crocked, but the whispers on the wind are of a different nature. As one ascends, the air seems to become heavier, the world darker. Questions arise in the cold breeze, unintelligible words echoing in the mind. The shadows slither, guiding the walker up the mountain like guard dogs. Ready to bite if their intentions are ill. The real entrance to the monastery, many steps ahead, gives an ominous feeling rather than welcoming as they should. Its tall walls of stone and wood look like old colosus left there, judging all those who waited at its doorstep. There are guards at each side, and so have been all along the ascension. They remain silent, immobile, like statues with eyes of ember. A thin layer of mist covers the ground at the other side. The paved paths between the different pagodas and areas of the monastery are illuminated with lampposts of warm, flickering flames, like will-o-wisps dancing to the silence. No birds, no other sound remains in that place salve the never-ceasing murmur of shadows. The sound grows stronger inside the main pagoda, and the darkness more thick, dense. The audition room is wide, yet engulfed in that sense of dread and danger. High columns frame and guide down the path ahead, so tall that one cannot see their end, engulfed in dark. Even through the small distant windows, even with the candles lit, it is like entering to another realm. Each step seems heavier than the last, burdened by the clear sensation of being watched. Preyed upon. And at the end, up two steps, like a king sitting without a throne, a shape awaits, its eyes red like the blood that once stained those walls. The Master of Shadows is listening. - - - **THINGS TO HAVE IN MIND** * Zed is not a happy person, neither friendly. He might not be hostile, but expect dark, gloom and edge. * He can be reached in the Shadow Monastery, though he is constantly roaming through Ionia. He will only talk back to those who show enough respect or are interesting to him. If not, you will be ignored, or worse, killed! Oh no! * No mercy for noxians whatsoever. * Letters can be delivered to the temple gates or through an informant of the Order of the Shadow. There are plenty through all the nation. * OCs are more than welcome! ALSO: I tend to make long posts and I always work in third person but don’t feel pressured to do the same. I'm not a fast person, so expect answers a few days later. English is not my main language, so it’s entirely possible that I make mistakes. If you spot any, be it in grammar or otherwise, let me know so I can improve!
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