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[]( Welcome to the Roleplaying forums! We're always excited to see new members, and this guide is designed to help you familiarize yourself with this community. Good luck, and see you around the forums! #Getting Started It can be somewhat confusing knowing where to start, so here are the two main ways new players get going here. 1. **Create an original character** Do you want to be a Demacian knight, ready to defend order and justice throughout the land? Or maybe a Shuriman nomad, traveling in caravans from one settlement to the next? Or maybe even a shopkeeper in Piltover selling all sorts of interesting gadgets? The options are limitless! Once you've decided on your character, simply make a profile for them with information about their abilities, personality, and what they look like (I use Google Docs for my character profiles, but feel free to use any format you like). If you need help with your character, feel free to check out the [OC Guidelines and Discussion]( Then, once your character is settled, you can either look for a sign-up thread for an upcoming roleplay, or just jump right in to one of the Open RP threads. Just make sure to read any rules for the thread first. 2. **Take up a champion** You may have noticed "[The Ask Champion Compendium](" thread stickied at the top of the forum. This thread lists every champion, and whether they are available to roleplay as, or whether they are already taken. If you see a champion you would like to play as on the available list, simply make a smurf account with an appropriate name (e.g. _Ask Rammus_ for Rammus, or _The Might of Demacia_ for Garen), use it to make an Ask thread for your champion, and finally make a post in the Compendium with a link to your new thread stating that you have claimed the champion. Voila, you are now the roleplayer for that champion! Once you've decided on which you want to do (and remember: you can do both!), here are some useful threads which can help you delve further into specific aspects of RPing here. * [How to join an RP]( * [How to conduct yourself in an Ask thread]( * [Running an RP]( * [List of Places]( Also, don't forget to familiarize yourself with [the rules]( for this forum. -------- #Forum Chat We have two external forum chat groups if you would like to talk with the rest of the forum-goers. - Skype: If you'd like to join the Skype chat, please add _lilnatash_ or _onedudething_. Please be sure to let them know who you are though, so they know you're not a spam bot. - [Discord]( Make sure to read the rules, otherwise you'll only be able to talk in the general chat. -------- #Terms * **RP - *Roleplay*** - A form of entertainment where people make or choose characters to write about, in collaboration with other players. These characters then interact in various situations based on the rules and setup of the RP. * **DM/GM - *Dungeon Master/Game Master*** - The person in charge of the RP. They set up the rules and scenario for the RP, and adjudicate when there are disagreements between players. * **PC - *Player Character*** - The character a player plays as. Only you may control your PC unless you give someone specific permission, just as you cannot control other players characters unless given specific permission. * **NPC - *Non-Player Character*** - Any character that is not a PC. Typically controlled by the DM/GM, includes minor characters like nameless soldiers, minions, shopkeepers, etc. * **OC - *Original Character*** - A character created by the player, as opposed to characters created by, for example, Riot. * **IC - *In Character*** - Any actions or speech made as the character you are playing. Example: >John looked around the room, confused as to why there were no rubber duckies. "Where are all the rubber duckies?" he pondered aloud. * **OOC - *Out Of Character*** - Any comments or conversation made by a player, not the character. Denoted by double parentheses. Example: > ((Cryypter, why would John think there are rubber duckies in the "Room of No Rubber Duckies"?)) * **OP - *Original Post*** - The first post of a thread, typically outlining the rules and scenario of the RP. * **Open RP** - A roleplay that anyone may join. * **Semi-Open RP** - A roleplay that anyone may join, but they must first get permission from the DM. * **Closed RP** - A roleplay where it has already been determined who is participating. You may not join this RP unless told specifically otherwise by the DM. * **Ask Thread** - A roleplay thread based around a specific champion, set up like an AMA (Ask Me Anything). There are various forum rules regarding these threads, located [here](, but in general they are a special type of Open RP. * **Champion Auditions** - These threads are used to determine who gets to roleplay as the newest champion released by Riot, in order to avoid having many people all fighting over that champion. See [The Ask Champion Compendium]( for more information on the Audition process. * **New Lore/Old Lore** - This refers to the major change in official Riot lore that removed the League of Legends, Summoners, and the Institute of War from the canon LoL universe. Old Lore threads retain the League as a part of their stories, while in New Lore threads the League never existed. * **Canon RP** - This refers to a roleplay that conforms to the current official Riot lore. Canon RP's seek to maintain consistency with other Canon RPs, allowing characters and events to carry over from one to another. * **AU - *Alternate Universe*** - This refers to a roleplay that does not necessarily conform to official Riot lore. Each individual AU thread is a standalone story, independent from what goes on in Canon RPs (though there could be multiple AU threads that share some or all aspects of their stories, as is the case with many Old Lore threads). * **Godmode** - Performing actions that control other people's characters, using a character that's invincible (with some extremely rare exceptions), or just doing things your character wouldn't be able to do. #Tips * Try making profiles for any original characters you make and putting them up online. It is a good way for others to find out a little bit about your character without having to ask you, and it helps you remember stuff about your character. Some people use Google Docs, others use Pastebin, but you can do whatever works for you. I would recommend backing up your profiles though, as sometimes websites go down. (Just ask any veteran RPer about the old site we used to use...) * Though it's not limited to RPs, [this]( website is useful if you want to do chat RP instead of on the forums. You don't have to make an account if you don't want to, just type in a name and join a room. * Pay attention to how everyone else is posting. If there are very few OOC comments, it's likely there is another thread for OOC. If there is nothing in the OP about an OOC thread, you can go ahead and ask if there is one, but except for that try to keep OOC to a minimum. If there are a lot of people posting OOC comments, you can probably join in the conversation and ask questions. * Use proper English. Spell checker is your friend. Now, if you are playing someone with, say, a Jamaican accent, some odd grammar is acceptable, but only when the character is speaking/thinking. Descriptions of what said character is doing should still be in proper English. No one wants to see a post like this: >fred wakled in da rooom and speaked "hai guyz watcha doin nice day huh? lolololo * Quote the person your replying to. It's an immense help to know that you're needed in a thread when a notification pops up that you have someone replying to you. _([Credit to aaargh for this tip]( .)_ **Other Useful Threads** * [Tips and Tricks for Role Players]( * [Roleplay Planning and Recruitment Hub]( * [RP/Writing Workshop]( ------- #Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) **Q: Why can't multiple people roleplay as a given champion?** **A**: Here on the RP Forums, we are endeavoring to create a gateway for players to access the living, breathing world of Runeterra. This requires consistency in how a characters are portrayed, including champions. It would break the immersion if you had a sparring match with Garen in one thread, but in another thread he denied having ever met you, because he was being RPd by a different player. Remember though, this restriction is in place for Canon RP threads. AU threads are more flexible, though the current champion RPer should still be consulted before using that champion. **Q: Why do I have to make a new account to roleplay as a champion?** **A**: The answer to that question is twofold. The primary reason is to maintain a degree of separation between you and the champion. You may use that separation to remain anonymous if you wish, or you may choose to let others know which champion(s) you roleplay as. The exception to this is the second reason for making a new account: champion auditions. When you are auditioning for the latest champion, you should not let it be known that you are doing so. Using a secondary account (also known as a smurf) allows you to remain anonymous during the audition. This helps to avoid bias in the voting process, ensuring that the person who wins is the one who best portrays the champion, rather than whoever happens to be the most popular or has the most friends. --------- I would appreciate any comments, criticisms, or additions to this guide you can think of, both from new and veteran RPers.
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