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"I remember when I first fell - found this place. "It was cold. Dark. The shadow seemed all-consuming and deafening." *A small hiss, a short chittering screech, and the tick-tick-tick of chitin striking dense soil.* *The clattering of boney exoskeleton striking stone and wood.* "The creatures here... they seek to fight. "To kill." *The skittering creature, barely a meter in height, hissed and screeched as it scuttled about.* *It stared up at something, a sharp scream of surprise.* "They consume whatever they can. They devour, like a ravenous rot from below. "They evolve." *It's lower-back chitin would unfurl, spikes flung forth towards a tall, dark figure.* *But the bone needle-spines would do little to deter the far taller being.* "It's quite a common pattern, really - a shame. They only evolve until something else consumes them. "And I?" *A flash of violet energy, burning bright for a split-second before a loud crack and the wet dribble of rotten gore.* *It's death screech sharp and short, the light fading from the Voidling's three eye-slits, the tall grey form bending over to tear at chitin and remove the heart.* "I am what destroys them, long before they reach the surface. "And if all else fails... what will bury them back to the sands they rise from." *Kai'Sa's right talon, now covered in a bloody mess as she ripped the Voidling's heart out, suddenly glowed violet as the messy peach-shaped organ would begin to dissolve and melt into her palm. Within a matter of a few seconds, her entire body pulsed with violet, alien energies for a brief moment, just before the sustenance to her second skin trickled down and into Kaisa herself.* *But it certainly wasn't the last one.* *And when it rains... it pours.* *Just like the gutter of a storm drain, more clattering. More hissing. More screeching. A flash of violet energy, the hellstorm of alien missiles bombarding the beasts by the hundreds, leaving only the huntress in the dark's silhouette standing alone.* --- Direct OC interaction would be preferable. Letters or comm-chatter to AUs is acceptable. Kai'Sa would respond to either her champion name pronunciation, or her original namesake of Kaisa. The difference between the two is that Kai'Sa is pronounced as if it were two words (Kai and Sa), whereas Kaisa is pronounced the same way. Except without a pause. *That's how it reads to me at least.* Notes for the AUs: ~~Bullet Angel~~ Steel Valkyre Kaisa is still an on-the-run hired gun. The Royal Space Military can and will use lethal force against her if they have the chance. Depending on happenstance, Kaisa may or may not fight the Gun Goddess herself, and most likely avoids Dreadnova forces like the black plague. Arcade Kaisa hails from PixelVoid II - a nightmarish hell of projectiles and bosses with unfair-levels of health. Though she had gone into what probably could be considered R&R in the semicasual passtime of being a bounty hunter, Kaisa had returned to the Arcadian theater after PixelVoid II was infected by the Battle Bosses. *Probably not a good idea to irritate someone who has Faker-level reactions and lives in what is literally a bullet hell, yeah?* K/DA; 1. Kaisa is paranoid that Evelynn tried to run her over four or five times. ~~It may or may have not given Kaisa a few heart attacks.~~ 2. She also regrets trying to get Akali out of the dressing room. Especially since they seemed to enjoy sitting in the corner on the ceiling of buildings. And then drop-scaring the hell out of anyone who walks in. ~~This may or may have not caused a mixture of heart attack, soiling of clothing and nightmares for weeks on end.~~ 3. Finally, Kaisa watched Ahri make an essence smoothie. The screams were not pleasant in the slightest. ~~It may or may have not given her nightmares for a week.~~ --- Basically, I'll RP whatever for the most part, so long as it's kept serious and reasonably clean to read in terms of text. Edit (07/27/2019) - Added Arcade Kaisa to list of AUs, updated Steel Valkyries AU info. The source used for the info on Arcade and Steel Valkyries AU is from the client under Collection, Skins (sort by Set / Universe to make it the easiest scroll results) Edit (10/17/2019) - Added Discord contact link (BlueGolisano#1671) - I'm also on the RP Boards Discord! [Here's the link for the server. (can also be found in the pinned Ask Champion Compendium page)]( Edit (10/27/2019) - A warning on the K/DA AU line; **I dunced it up A-grade.** [LITTLE DID I KNOW THIS EXISTED.]( And if I'm being honest, I do think that, well, it might not be as good to interact with since K/DA is actually taking place on Earth rather than a super-advanced Runeterra, which is rather saddening. *So for anyone curious, what I have done for that AU so far is NOT the correct anything variant, that is the memelord variant with jokes all over. I'm willing to do the correct one but unless specified I'll be using memelord.exe version because I personally feel it's a bit closer to what would mostly be done here.*
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