Dull edge, dull mind. (Ask Katarina!)

https://i.imgur.com/Srt0FC6.jpg Stiff ink on quill scratched against sharply thin paper, a single mistake and she'd have to start over. One hour. A lesson of patience, precision. Lines around her jaw tightened, she feared said quill might break from the steady pressure of her fingertips. Death was pure, games of nobles an endless charade of taxing politeness and underhanded compliments. How Cassiopeia revelled in the company of those who wanted nothing more than to part her head from body was something the fiercely protective Katarina never quite grasped. The gutter rat had it easy, pretend he might that the simplistic way of being a blade's edge in the darkness is no way to live, but he was free. Yet in an onerous debt to the general. It made her scarred side of her face twitch, yet a bemused smirk crept along the corners of her mouth. Though he resisted affection to the last as if it was toxic to his being he was still their adopted little brother. Now, letter. Eyes fixed on the last line that required her signature, careful strokes yet with harsh endings befitting of the harsh and to the point Ur-Noxian. The carefully worded message's real intent was clear, up to any politically inclined down to the gutter rats. _"I am Katarina, eldest of house Du Coteau. Our enemies are many, our allies few. But we never submit, you stand against us on our soil you stay forever... We will bury you here."_ https://i.imgur.com/B07juIS.jpg ((Hiiii))
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