If It Draws Breath... It Meets Us... (Ask Kindred)

"Are you there, dear Wolf?" the little Lamb asked, her voice somber even as she talked to her dearest friend and her other half. She was sitting with Wolf on a tree branch, listening to the web and weft and fate. Where would they be guided to this night? Who would be guided to them? "I am," Wolf answered, his gruff voice filled with melancholy. "Are you sad?" Wolf's companion asked with wonder, turning her head to face the starry heavens above. "Yes," Lamb's friend replied, looking at Lamb with his bright and haunting eyes. "What does it feel like?" "A long hunt with no kill." Wolf looked to the sky above and he watched the stars with his friend. Though they were shunned by all, Lamb and Wolf were never lonely. They had each other. Slowly, Lamb hopped down from the tree. Wolf was sure to follow. ((Hello. Just a couple of rules I have for this thread: 1) If you pick a fight with Kindred, you will lose. They are death personified. It does not matter what kind of powers or abilities your character has. Lamb's arrows can pierce your heart and Wolf's teeth can rend your flesh. "I thinks it can beat us" "This is called denial." 2) Don't pick fights with other characters in general. They rarely end up being any fun for anyone. 3) Things might take a little while to warm up and meet Kindred. They're elusive and only the most perceptive ever see them, let alone interact. Don't be discouraged if you don't meet them at first. You will... eventually.))
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