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As per guided by the Community Rules themselves, I wished to raise a discussion about the Community Rules and the implied rules that govern the structure of this particular board. > **The Rule Mentioned Above** "RULE 12: Amendments to these rules, as well as the addition of new rules, are possible by first suggesting a proposed change in an OOC Thread of some kind. After discussion with the community, a thread with a Public Poll should be made in order to vote for the change or amendment to the rules. A time limit of one week should be allowed for maximum Community turnout. Voting multiple times, even on smurfs, is strictly prohibited. The suggested rule or change must gain a 2/3rds majority (~66%) of the tallied votes or it will be dismissed. If the rule or change passes with a 2/3rds majority vote, after any issues with the poll have been ruled out, the change will then be adopted into the rules and treated as a part of this system." The particular rule that I want to raise awareness to as for now is the Rule 13, which is as follows. > RULE 13: As per the results of the official community poll here, Ask Threads or threads revolving around a specific Original Character are prohibited. If you are searching for a place to introduce your character to the masses, The Sitara Courtyard is a fantastic way to get into things and interact with people who are just starting out, as well as various threads dedicated to specific City States, such as A Day in Ionia. Creating new locations around the world of Runeterra to expand roleplaying diversity is acceptable (like creating a bar run by your bartender character for example), but doing so with the specific intent to give your OC a thread similar to an Ask Thread violates the spirit of this rule, and is prohibited. And the implied rule being the "bump". What I define bump is the act of utilizing an entirely OOC post to refresh their days of activity, which has two effects. The first is relocating your thread to the top of the boards, displacing it above others. The second is resetting your days of activity, effectively acting as though you have actively roleplayed the champion and making your days until a strike be reset. I will discuss the context as to why I bring these two up to discussion, and simultaneously explain why these are ultimately significantly more harmful and meaningless in our current form. ------ Rule 13 was created during 2013 in the Roleplaying Forums of Old for two explained reasons within the poll thread itself. **A:** The right of having an "Ask Thread" was a unique right to champions. **B:** The large influx of OCs at that time was a catalyst for debate as for if allowing OC ask threads would be a logical and healthy course of action. In argument against reason A, there is no reason to shut off a particular right to other characters on the sole factor that a certain section of the community had preemptive allowance over those certain rights, and the other section did not. Reason B is not an actual reason, but rather a statement about the times at hand. I do not need to argue against a non-argument for obvious reasons. In argument to the rule itself, I reason that: > A: It creates a divide of rights amongst the community between those who hold rights to certain actions due their status, which does not and should not entitle them to anything BUT their champions. >B: It disallows the medium of interactions that the OC might have, which is a throttle on the creative medium that the roleplayer may have. >C: Currently, there is a lack of community based hub threads like the aforementioned Sitara Courtyard, or the Cafe of Old. Now, there would certainly be problems that would arise from the change of rules if it were to occur. Likely, a flood of new ask 'X' threads would pop up which will clutter the front 20 threads bit of the boards rather quickly. There is also the issue that a single thread may bump often to stay relevant, even if there were not any activity to go along said bumps. There's also the fact that the champions may be outdone by the sheer number of OC threads, and thusly become irrelevant or lose visitors. In response to the speculations listed, I have both explanations, solutions, and a segway into the next, and implied rule. The flood of new ask 'X' threads would likely be inevitable, and would likely result in a negative impact to pre-existing roleplay and champion threads. If the pre--existing roleplay and champion threads were to remain active, however, they would likely remain relevant and thusly not at all affected past the first few days of this occurrence. This also addresses the issue of champion threads being outdone. As for the bumps... ------- The context for bumps were formed somewhere during the lore forums and the roleplay forums, when the formula of ask threads were being formed. They were used to show that the champion roleplayers were alive and kicking, and they worked to display activity and their existence as the roleplayer when there was no compendium. However, after an incident when Jayce was released, there was a moment when there were two Jayce roleplayers, thusly creating a need for such a place. Thusly, the Compendium was created. Due to this, their existence was henceforth recorded in a large pile, first by Kameil for aeons (just years), then the Compendium team as a whole. I personally challenge this implied rule as per this current day, this current iteration of the boards with reasons I will list below. > A: It facilitates the possibility of abuse when it comes to retaining a champion. In a hypothetical situation where I were to roleplay a champion, I could simply continue bumping until there was activity to be had, while not directly contributing anything meaningful. This allows for someone to sit on their champion with minimal effort, something that I feel should be actively discouraged. This also acknowledges the previous problem of being able to spam bumps to keep your OC ask thread or champ thread up top to be visible, disabling such a method from existing altogether. >B: The champion roleplayers DO NOT require the attention of being a top thread on the forums, as they are tracked by the Compendium. Their existence is marked, noted, and tracked by the Compendium, which allows for roleplayers to find the exact champion ask thread they wish to RP in without them needing to compete for the attention. It is my belief that a champion roleplayer should only be able to retain their champion with the drive and intent to continue developing and showing what the champion is, at least in the current iteration of how champion ownership works. Thusly, a suggestion would be to only allow for actual roleplay, whether it be outside of their own thread, or within theirs as well as written pieces of the champion/OC's story within their threads to be counted as activity. This will help threads be richer in story, but also prevent the hypothetical problem listed above. However, this should be up for the community to discuss more, and I do hope that this will be discussed, not argued, not tossed out, not fought over. So please. Discuss.
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