Avarosa Guide Us (OOC Planning)

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Kraara and I were working on an epic story a few years ago which takes place over multiple threads (the primary one being titled "Avarosa Guide Us"), and we are talking about getting back to the roleplaying. In order to do this, we're going to need some help from interested members of the community. Events from this point forward will be taking place in the Freljord. The story itself is about exposing a plot by Lissandra to attack Winter's Claw villages using a possessed frost drake, and an effort to rally Ashe's and Sejuani's forces to launch a joint assault on Lissandra for breaking the peace treaty between the tribes, with the ultimate goal of crushing Lissandra once and for all (but of course she will somehow reform her body later on if she gets killed, etc.) But basically to defeat her. **The story so far:** * Zeran encountered Rose in the Freljord near Sejuani's territory after hearing rumors of a frost drake attacking villages. * After a stand off (mostly resulting from Rose's distrust of Zeran because of his Avarosan heritage), Zeran and Rose agreed to join forces. * Zeran and Rose killed the frost drake. Rose found a strange amulet around its neck which was always cold to the touch. * Zeran and Rose rode to the village where Rose grew up in order to rest and tend to their wounds. * Rose experienced bouts of sleepwalking in which she attempted to keep grabbing the amulet and holding it, and she began warming to Zeran at an unreasonable pace, forgetting her earlier distrust of him. * Zeran concluded that the amulet had cursed Rose and was altering her mind. Despite his fondness for her after the battle, he used his psionics to render her unconscious and took the amulet away from her, taking her horse and riding to Piltover so that his acquaintance Xeno could analyze it. * Rose pursued Zeran on another horse. Taking advantage of her obsessive behavior in trying to recover the amulet from him, he led her on a chase which exhausted her before giving the amulet to Xeno, asking him to determine how it worked and how to remove the curse from Rose. * While Xeno worked, Zeran stayed with Rose in a hotel room, doing his best to keep her calm. Zeran and Rose eventually began a romantic relationship. * Xeno informed Zeran that the amulet was made from Black Ice and that the curse opened a window into Rose's mind which could be accessed by the person who had created the curse. Zeran suspected Lissandra and learned that the best way to help Rose was to exorcise the possessing force. * Zeran woke up the next day to find that Rose and the amulet were gone. Stealing a horse from a stable, Zeran took off, suspecting that Rose had gone to the Freljord. * While leaving Piltover, Zeran ended up being chased by a number of police and defeated them using nonlethal psionic powers. Zeran's theft caused him to be placed on the Piltover Police Department's list of known criminals. * Zeran caught up to Rose in the wilderness of the Freljord, where it transpired that Lissandra was trying to freeze her to death using the connection established within Rose's mind. * Using an improvised technique, Zeran used his psionic powers to enter Rose's mind and face off against Lissandra. * After a difficult and heroic battle, Zeran managed to defeat Lissandra and expel her from Rose's mind, breaking the curse and saving Rose. * Zeran and Rose rode to Demacia to help her recover, as Zeran's wanted status made going back to Piltover a huge risk. * Knowing that Sejuani and Ashe must be informed of Lissandra's deception, Zeran and Rose snuck back into Piltover to obtain a report on the amulet's magical properties from Xeno and to give the amulet back to him for safekeeping, as carrying the amulet itself was too big of a risk. * While leaving Piltover, Zeran and Rose were ambushed by PPD snipers. Rose eventually made her way to them and distracted them while Zeran escaped the area. * Rose caught up with Zeran and they rode back to the Freljord, intending to visit Sejuani first. * Zeran and Rose narrowly escaped Lissandra while traveling north. * Zeran and Rose reached Sejuani's base and requested an audience with her. Zeran and Rose intend to talk to Ashe and Sejuani and get them to launch an assault on Lissandra. Other characters who would reasonably be in the Freljord are welcome to join forces with Zeran and Rose as well. If you are interested in joining Kraara and I on this adventure or if you have ideas for the story, please comment below. **Characters and roleplayers:** [Zeran](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FQpmq624p0aQL5R30fTL2he7ZAP-uyWdybnXH356l7U/edit?usp=sharing) - JPlayah Rose - Kraara Lissandra - Kraara Sejuani - Kraara Ashe - Queen of Focus Braum - Ask Braum
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