On the Future of the Compendium - VOTING

Hey, hi, hello. I got swallowed by work recently but I managed to find some time and with a few weeks for discussion having now passed, I think it is fair to let the community cast their vote regarding this matter. If you're confused as to what all of this is about, I would recommend you check out the following thread - https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/roleplaying/ZTfqxGBr-on-the-current-state-of-the-boards-suggestions-moving-forward-update-read-inside However, the long story short of it is that I put forward a suggestion to remove the Compendium and let everyone roleplay any champion they wish because of reasons stated in the OP of the linked thread. The suggestion gathered some support but also some opponents. Moreover, an idea emerged of creating Sub-Boards to host both a Compendium and CompendiumLESS version of the boards and gathered some support on its' own. So, how will this vote work? Well, the most important thing, in my opinion, is to to accomodate all three of the above viewpoints. I consulted one of the forum mods and was told that straight 3-way votes are generally a bad idea, so I was instead advised to have two tiers of voting. So, that is what I'm planning to do. There wasn't any real perfect way of going about this so I again asked the forum mod and picked out the option they agreed with most. So, here's how it's going to work: This vote is the initial one, and it will be between abolishing the one RPer per champion rule entirely (more on that below) or keeping things as they are. The voting period will last for 2 weeks, until Monday the 28th of January 00:00 GMT. If at the end of the voting either of the sides obtained a majority of 2/3rds, as stated in the Rules, then that option will be implemented. If neither side gets a high enough majority, the vote will fall through to a secondary vote between implementing Sub-Boards or keeping things as they are. If Sub-Boards win the vote with a majority of 2/3rds, they will be implemented. Otherwise, things will be kept as they are and no further votes will take place regarding this. Now, to give a further explanation of the two choices in this vote: 1. Abolishing the One Champ Per RPer Rule - This option would entail removing all rules pertaining to the restriction of Champion roleplaying to one person per any given champion and removing the Compendium. Instead, anyone would have free reign to roleplay any champion they desire in any thread BUT the creators of a thread would be given the right to establish any desired restrictions in their own threads - for example, limiting champion use to one person, only allowing certain champions or not allowing champions at all. Any grievances/violations of such restrictions would be reported to the Forum Wardens, who would then be responsible for resolving the matter and/or carrying out any necessary punishments. 2. Keeping things as they are - Very simply, this option would entail changing nothing about the current system and keeping things as they currently are. Sub-Boards - Technically not part of this particular vote but for the sake of keeping everyone informed in case the vote falls though, the implementation of Sub-Boards would entail creating two sub-forums in the Roleplaying board. One would host the current boards as they are, Compendium and all, whilst the other would have no restrictions on Champion Roleplaying (as per option 1). The Forum Wardens have confirmed that this is possible on the technical/programming side. In order to vote, please select one of the options in the roll and then comment what your vote was on this thread - for example, "I vote for option 1". This is necessary to ensure that no voter fraud is taking place. Please do not make any other comments on this thread until the voting has concluded, as it will cause clutter and make it more difficult to keep track of the votes.
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