Plans within plans... (Ask Lissandra) --- Lissandra looked out over the howling abyss musing to herself about memories, thoughts, plans for the Watcher's return. It had been so long since the Watchers fell howling into the abyss but to her, it was still a fresh memory. Her sisters nearly robbed the world of the gift the Watchers had given them. Immortality, the secrets of ice and snow, and much more. All they asked was that we served them in return. But like petulant children, my sisters rebelled and overthrew the watchers, but all was not lost. Through the guidance of the Watchers and the sacrifice of my fellow iceborn, i alone survived. She turned her attention to a nearby statue of a watcher putting her hand on it she whispered. _"Soon you shall rule the world, the Frostguard will be the first to accept your gift, then the Frejlord and then... Runeterra."_ She lifted her hand gently of the ancient statue and walked over to the edge saying with another whisper. _"Tell me what more must be done to prepare."_ Only the biting wind responded back to her. She waited for hours for any answer before giving up. She started the walk back to the Frostguard Citadel when a guard approached her, bowing he asked for permission to speak which Lissandra granted. The guard stood up saying. "My lady, we have... guests at the gate." Lissandra frowned in irritation saying back. "What guests? We have no guests scheduled for this entire week. Explain." The guard swallowed hard saying. "They are from Shurima, traders, and others that wish to establish relations with the Frostguard... they appeared suddenly at the gate with no warning, even our scouts did not spot them before they were knocking on it." Lissandra's hard face softened for a moment the ghost of a smile appearing on her face as she said to herself. _"I believe i understand."_ She turned around while waving of the guard saying to him. "Don't just stand there let our guests in so they can enjoy all that our humble home offers." She walked back to the citadel to prepare herself to make... an announcement. A week after guests from Shurima had appeared mysteriously at the gate Lissandra made an announcement across the Frejlord that the Frostguard Citadel would finally be open to visitors desiring to visit the city and its inhabitants including Lissandra. --- The Citadel has many off limit areas but visitors are free to enjoy the outer part of the city and the howling abyss freely. The inner city and the centre of the Citadel require special permission that can be granted through letters sent to Lissandra. Visitors should remember that a permission is not enough to enter the heart of the city, an armed escort will escort any visitors to their destination attempting to leave the guards care or exploring off limit areas will be met by force. Visitors should also remember that Lissandra is busy at all times and visiting hours are reserved usually for important guests. However, all letters will receive an answer as long as the questions are not inappropriate.
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