Empress of Runeterra {Ask Qiyana}

In the "thicc" humid jungles of Ixtal, lays the city of Ixaocan. Rampant with boisterous voices with crowds of people to flood the city of magic, culture and history, the warmth of bodies and energy hums within the lush trees. The heat splays across the concrete as the sun shines down into Ixaocan. Sweat sticks to the skin as the weather is usually more than tepid, the citizens of Ixaocan are sporting light, summery clothing year round. Qiyana, future empress of all and everything, is being carried by her personal servants on her palanquin. She rolls her eyes in boredom, and awaits something or someone to come entertain her. "Ugh! Where is my royal fanner? I need someone to keep me from getting hot. It is especially sticky out today, and my skin can NOT be torched. I must look perfect." A servant had reached out with a leaf fan and began to give a light breeze to keep Qiyana cool, as she sighed with content. "Thank you, loyal servant. You've always been so kind. I will make sure you will be rewarded when I take over the world and create a beautiful empire for Ixaocan." -- Things to know: •Qiyana may seem like a cocky know-it-all but she's actually very kind. She just wants everyone to appreciate her for her skill and talent. •Qiyana will always be willing to speak to lesser beings, but do not expect her to give in to your demands or requests easily. •Qiyana hates needlessly long conversations, so make it worth her while, or it may not end so well for you. •Her palace is constantly surrounded by guards to protect the royal family, so even thinking about walking up to them in such fashion either needs special permission or dire emergency that calls for help. Things to know: I usually roleplay in first person so if y'all see me do that aside from the intro, I'm just roleplaying as Qiyana in first person. It makes it easier to get in character. I also usually put my -actions- in dashes, i.e: -I gagged at your pathetic capabilities to understand something so simple.-
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