On the Subject of the Current State of the RP Boards

First, this is a call for discussion, not immediate change. The entire issue cannot be fixed within one or two rule changes, or additions. Rather, this addresses the current state of the boards, its problems, and where it is headed without some sort of positive, or progressive change. With that in mind, with no particular order: > * The Lack of Outside Interest, and a Lack of RPer Engrossment There is, **personally**, a touch of forbidding air in the boards. Not our demeanor, as we have shown numerous times that we can be, and are usually quite welcoming to the new folk. But rather that, in comparison to other roleplaying outlets, it is definitely more regimented; more structured. This, my opinion once again, is a double edged sword. While this will likely create an easier to moderate environment, it’s a lot harder for one to approach this space because of both a lack of easily approachable threads as well strict regulations on what content can be published. Whether or not one believes in them or not, it is a fact that the regulations limit the types of writing that can be put into the boards. In tandem, there were 725k non-unique views on the roleplaying boards in the past month. In the past month. We definitely have lurkers and people who are obviously interested, even if we calculate random people clicking on it for the hell of it. We are doing something that’s either not compelling enough to them to join, or scaring them away with some behavior. > * The Distinct Lack of Roleplay in Non-Champion Threads This will be a numbered list of bunch of statistics, with the exception of champion threads. These statistics aren’t strictly anyone’s faults, nor are they readily fixable by any rule change. This is simply our current situation. 1. 8 Open RP threads at the current moment with a post count above 0 and has a post within a month threshold. 6, if a week threshold is given. 2. Basically nil adventure/storyline threads interest checks in the last two months. 3. The only semi-open RP in the last month was Zero Hour by Cait. > * The Champion Roleplay System - The Existence of Champions in the Current Lore: In the current lore, champion is merely an out of character method of identifying named characters within the League of Legends canon. While most have some sort of mark, such as rank/social class/renown(Azir/Katarina/Poppy), many aren’t known to the common man (Varus/Ahri/Kai’Sa). So let’s get rid of champion threads completely, right? However, doing as such presents the problem of losing accessibility to those characters, who are, at least a few of them, are coveted for their attention. - Lack of Choices for Champion Roleplayers: Then, there is the system of champion roleplaying imposing a single person with the burden of having ALL of one character’s interaction imposed on a single person. This, in my belief, promotes stagnation. Not only do popular champions have the inferred responsibility of having to respond to every roleplay, as an effect, they are often unable to leave their thread to pursue their own interests in character roleplay. If, at this point, the champion roleplayer decides to not take in certain roleplay attempts made at their threads to pursue their own interests, some people will simply never have the chance to roleplay with said champion. This also has the added negative of having less possible traffic in hub threads. As a tl;dr: 1. Current system puts all of a champion’s roleplay onto one person. 2. This can sometimes force people to only be in their thread to answer their workload. 3. This removes champion roleplayer choice and likely lowers personal enjoyment. 4. This also lowers chances of using hub threads and such. Again, these aren't, as a bundle, a situation that can be 'solved' with a simple rule change. It likely requires a lot more articulating than the rule change I called some odd months ago, and has a less clear goal in mind.
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