The Shuriman Plateau - Ask Azir

*The blazing heat of the desert sun bakes the endless dunes and sand grains of Shurima's most recent reclaimed land. Where once there had been ruins and stories, now there stood a vast complex filled with mystery and awe-inspiring sights. Where once dry dunes and ruins had slept for centuries, they now burst with life-giving water from the heart of a glorious reborn city. While the grand city lacked the true majesty of the old days, small congregations had begun to arrive, caravans passing through had set up shop, wandering groups of people had set aside their endless searching and settled down once again. It wasn't home as it once was, but it was better than living in the endless sea of Mother Desert.* *High above the plateau, the Sun Disc sits, gathering the shining rays and bathing the age-old structures with new golden light. Below that stands the resurrected Palace of Ten Thousand Pillars, home of Shurima's eternal emperor, Azir. The waters of the Oasis of the Dawn, the Mother of Life, flow from a vast waterfall and into a life-giving stream that brings nutrients to the soil, making the once-wasteland into a fertile area, with palm trees growing back as they had once done centuries ago. And yet, this marvelous rebirth was just the beginning.* *The guardians of sand, the Emperor's Arisen, stood watch across the city, protecting it from any harm that might have come his way, with thousands more ready to take its place should even one fall. They worked the jobs once held by slaves, rebuilding monuments from Azir's memories, crafting a new future even as the magic of the Golden Sun himself sought to reshape the landscape. The Emperor was not a skilled warrior by himself. He was a protector, a builder, and a commander of all his beloved people.* *And so, on the balcony overlooking his kingdom, the Emperor of the Sands, the Golden Sun, Beloved of Mother Desert, the Reborn and Ascended Emperor Azir stood, his hand holding the Staff of the Emperor, his golden armor glinting from the light of the Sun Disc above. His heart was heavy with loss, but grew lighter at the thought that he could rebuild his beloved Shurima, and give his people a home after so many centuries of being doomed to wander aimlessly. By his guiding light, his benevolent hand, he would bring a new age of glory and grandness to these lands that hadn't been seen since before the time of the Ancients.* [*_The Emperor, and Shurima itself, had been reborn..._*]( --- [[ Hello! I'm "The Epic Azir", and welcome to Shurima. It is my hope that this thread will be a nexus of activity for various people, not just an Ask Thread. I was inspired by the Shadow Isles thread, and felt that maybe I could make a dual-purpose thread. Basically, this is my Ask Thread for Azir, but it is also meant to act as a sort of adventuring place or gathering place for others. You can still ask questions or whatnot, but you can also RP in here. I'm not sure how often I'll be replying since I'm typically somewhat busy, but I promise I'll stay on top of things! Thank you very much for this opportunity, and I hope you'll all like what I bring to the table as Azir. ]]
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