Razz's First Scouting Report! (Thread Newsletter, Short story!)

Razz marches proudly towards the Bandle City’s open gates. Proud, happy, and worn out from a long week’s journey throughout the continent, she was content with what she’d seen, and was more than ready to do it all again! Two weeks had passed while she was out, and it all flew by like nothing even happened, as if it was just another hour on the clock, another target blasted with acorn shrapnel!... Oh well, she’ll do it all again very soon. Marching further through the sunny streets, down past the market and into the alleyways that she always recalled, and knew her way through like no other place in the known universe. She dashed along the damp, dark alleyways and into the corner store… Brightly lit with lamps and electrically powered lights. A sign above the store: “Faron’s Workshop.” That’s home alright! _"Dad! I'm home!"_ Her voice echoed through the store, the bell jingling quietly as a marker she came into the smithy. The warmth in the air was quite nice, quite calming. The smell of burning and molten metal was always a refreshing feeling for her... Even if it was likely not good to be inhaling the air at this time for a kid like her. Her heavy bag was placed upon the counter, followed by a yet larger backpack, clumping onto the desk... And tools spilled from the pockets of such a bag. She carried all her tools and weapons at all times, just in case she needed 'em! Eventually, the tall man with dusty, yet black fur walked out from behind the forge. He made a rather slow approach to the desk, and at the same time, took off his hat and apron. "Welcome home, Razz." He boomed. "Have a good trip out to... Where was it again?" "Oh," she quietly chirped. She was writing something in her diary again. She placed it in front of the man, covers open. "I didn't go just to _one_ place! I went to a bunch of places." _In the book, plenty was written. A good few pages, one for summarizing each place she'd been. The first page was titled, "Strange Void Thingie!" Very descriptive._ >_Today, I ran into this strange woman with purple skin from her v-neck down. She was human, but looked like she was lost. Borders of Shurima, Icathia... Tried to see what was happening, got scared away by some burly looking ants... Then I squashed them, and saw I'd missed a fight. She killed a pretty big beast! And was scarier looking with a mask on after that... And.. Nothing happened! She kinda just walked off. She looked really cool, I wonder what she was doing out there?_ _The first entry was rather short. Descriptive of very little... She seemed uninterested by the whole void thing. Or maybe she was scared?_ "You went to ICATHIA?!" The yordle held his long ears down, frustrated and confused. "You were told NOT to go there! I told you, Auntie Kara-" "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I didn't die, and it was boring anyway! All these zombie things ate all my rounds." Razz seemed to brush it off as if nothing happened..."Turn the page! There's more!" _Frustrated, the man turned the page. Fine, she was fine. That's all that matters. Faron was sure to read this next one thoroughly._ **Ionian Visit!** >_Oh, my glade berries. I saw SONA. She was there, in the rain, playing a melody. It sounded so good, I **almost** got drawn in to ask her something. But if I walked any further, I'd fall off the windowsill. No, she wasn't outside... She was inside, I was out in the rain. I didn't see what she was doing, but she looked bored... I moved on fairly quickly, I should've asked for an autograph! She does so much good music! I should go ask her for one. No no no no, I need to keep going, gather info! Okay, I found a guy. He's cool. I'm gonna return to talk to him, I wanna ask him about one of his powers I watched him use. Shadow magic... That stuff ain't been used since the rune wars! I ain't seen it since my Dad told me about it anyway. I gotta go into his monkastary... Ugh, BORING. Later! I'll come back and ask him about it... Cool red dude with shadow powers... He looked like some sort of ninja. There he is again! He's so cool. He OOZES that power... It looks amazing, like smoke rising off a fireplace. I'm definitely gonna find him and talk to him when I can... HOLY CRAP HE HAS HIDDEN BLADES ON HIS WRISTS. I HAVE TO TALK TO THIS GUY._ "You seriously wanna go talk to that guy? He seems dangerous from what I've seen in the stories outta Ionia." Faron folded his arms, grabbing his blade from the wall. "Yeah!" Razz replied confidently, hopping over the counter, now having stripped off her scouting gear after a hard month's work. "Along with, more importantly-" "Shadow magic. Do you listen to yourself sometimes? I'm sure a mage here can teach you enough." "Not like him!" Razz huffed. "And, he's got-" "Yeah. You can go." "Really?" "I'm shadowing _you_ though. I'm not risking it with a dangerous assassin." _The last of the used pages were something alright. Something... different. Drawings, glitter... and... A letter? A letter to Lulu?_ >Dear Lulu, I know you won't like me sending you my docket on you, but... I've got to get information about ya! I'll give you drawings if you just START MAKING ACORN'S WORTHA SENSE. I wanna talk, please, stop dashing through portals and leaving me for dead! Thank you! I'll mail this to your new box. Need information for my report. Can you explain what the HELL this animal is? Thank you! _The drawing was of a strange feline-type creature with two tails._ "It's a Quill, Razz. That's what Lulu turns people into." Faron replied bluntly. "Oh! That explains why that bartender came running out of the forest when she thought I couldn't see her!" Razz finally realized. "And why she was so scared!" Faron shut the book, and passed it back to her. "Good job, Junior scout. Makin' the scouts proud out there, as always!" _He saluted rather sarcastically._ "Daaaad." _Razz's ears flopped sadly._ "You know the scouts don't let me do this. I do this off-duty." "Yeah, but I'm sure they appreciate the effort." _Faron tried to cheer her up, now ruffling her hair with his gloved paw._ "And besides... I appreciate it." _He grinned cheerfully._ "Now, lets go plaster this to the board. I'm sure someone will use this information!" ____________________ Hello, and welcome to the first little fun newsletter idea i've had for a while. Razz herself will be using this as a way to spread awareness of new posts involving interesting Champs, people, and maybe even original characters. The writing is an experimental thing as of right now I still need to refine the ideas a bit, since it's the first newsletter... A few things about this post! * This is not an ask thread, the roleplays do not start here nor should they. It's a newsletter! If you do wish to roleplay for some odd reason, ask me elsewhere. I'm sure you can figure it out. * The Newsletter comments will be taken into consideration as a way to improve these, or, add more features. I would like to post thread links here, but i'm unsure if I should be asking for permission from the people who made the threads. As I said, need feedback on this, it's still very experimental! * Don't feel like you can't make a comment in-character! This post is mostly about shenanigans that the reporter/scout has to go through to get this news in the first place, anyway! It's not meant to be taken 100% seriously. * If you do have questions about how I decide what these letters are for, don't hesitate to ask. Again, experimental. Again, feel free to leave comments below on how I can make this seem more like a proper news post! I'll be back in 2 weeks to post my second!
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