Live-streaming a QnA session with a Cat and a Book!

“Where are we supposed to sit again?” _Yuumi questioned, squinting as she walked through the brightly lit room. These humans have weird ideas for what they call entertainment, but sometimes it is nice to play along with them! She can barely see anything though, most of the far away stuff was simply blurred out for her, like that weird, tall structure over there. Multiple structures! One looked shiny though! Looking back at the floating book behind her, she asked again,_ “Do you know what’s that?” _Book bent the upper corners of two pages, shaking in place whilst doing so. What it seemed like was a… stool! They’ve seen this before! Though, if this was a stool, then was the table that usually comes with it? Though wait, there was a table with a strange looking device. Perhaps accepting doing what the human called a ‘livestream’ was a bad id-_ “Look, Book!” _Book shook himself back into reality, frantically glancing around to try and find the cat. What happened? Where they in trouble? Wait… no. He saw her by the stool, pawing onto one of the legs. Wait a second, she isn’t actually going to attempt to climb that, is she?_ _Yuumi simply looked up in wonder at this strange chair. This felt… familiar! Oh! It was at that place where the adults usually sit by the table and drink some weird looking drinks! She remembers now! But why get this kind of chair when they could get a normal chair? Then again, maybe humans don’t like the normal chairs that the spirit realm had. Maybe she could… climb it? WAIT! She could jump onto it! Yes! Perfect! Taking a few steps, Yuumi’s pupils widened as she crouched, staring up at the seat._ _Book can see where this is going. Nope! He’s not going to risk her having a head injury by hitting the chair! Before Yuumi even thought about jumping, the sentient book quickly grabbed her by holding her between the pages. Slowly floating upwards, he gently let go of the cat as soon as they reached the top._ “I- Hey! What was that for?!” _Yuumi whined, purring sadly as she looked down at the ground beneath them. She then looked up, back at the desk. She could see… a strange device! It had a screen, and some sort of other device that had a bunch of buttons it! With letters! There was something written on the screen, but it’s a good thing that magic cats don’t need to read! They just need to wait for their owner to read for them! WAIT, THERE WAS ONE MORE THING! It looked super familiar too! Wait… was that… A MOUSE?! Yuumi quickly hopped onto the desk, walking over all the lettered buttons until she saw this strange mouse closer. Sure, it didn’t look very alive, but it still looked like a fun thing to play with! Pushing the mouse around with her paw, the cat kept playing with it until she finally pushed it off the desk. Looking down, she then calmly sat down on the lettered buttons, not noticing the errors that kept popping up on the screen behind her. Looking over at Book, she commented,_ “I really hope we finish soon, this human isn’t considering my nap time!” _Ah, the nap times. Book had to get used to those as well. Sure it sucked not searching around at every single moment they can get, but he couldn’t really blame her either! A book doesn’t have to sleep, but a cat has to. This thought process was quickly broken by the sound of the door opening in front of him. Book almost ‘jumped’ in surprise, not expecting the door to open anytime soon! But wait, it was the human again! He quickly grabbed Yuumi again, who meowed and squirmed around in response until she was set down back at the stool again. Hopefully the human doesn’t mind the strange state the screen was at._ _After looking at the human for a second, it suddenly occurred to Yuumi that I was the perfect time for grooming! With that, she started to lick her paw, focusing most of her attention on cleaning herself. She can barely hear what the human was saying either. All she did catch on was ‘look at camera on laptop’ and ‘friends on the web?’_ _A web?! No one told Book about a spider being involved! He was just about to quickly set himself down in front of Yuumi to hop into a portal until the human quickly reassured him that there were no spiders involved. The book did understand what the human was saying though! Kind of. They were going to stare at this strange device and answer questions asked by the human himself! Easy does it!_ _After being reminded by the human to greet her ‘friends’, Yuumi’s ears perked up as she began to glance around. Her eyes finally met Book, smiling cheerfully as she exclaimed,_ “Hi Book!” _Though, apparently that wasn’t the scenario here! She could see Book flying past her, pointing one of the corners of his pages towards the screen. OH! SHE KINDA GETS IT NOW!_ “So you want me to talk to this weird screen?” _Book simply nodded._ _Taking one final look at the screen, the cat tilted her head slightly at this weird contraption. None of her friends were there, but Book says to say hi to it? Perhaps she should say hi to it anyway,_ “Hi screen! I’m Yuumi, and you look weird!” _Looking over at the human beside her, she grinned as she received a pet on the head for her good efforts! It feels good to be appreciated! Though, the humans informed her to say that line in..._ _3..._ _2..._ _1..._ “Hi screen! I’m Yuumi! And you look weird!” - - - - - - ((HEYO FELLOW FELINES AND PAPERCRAFTS! I figured to try something completely silly and nonsensical with this thread, which is to make what is basically a QnA session with Yuumi and Book themselves! Letters are not needed, so you can just ask or tell em whatever and I’ll answer those as Yuumi and/or Book! By the way, you can still do normal RP on this thread! Just hop in with an RP scenario, then I’ll jump in at the purrfect scenario! Basic etiquette rules apply. If you need anything, you can contact me on Discord, my username being The Yordlenator#5724 And as always, stay fresh!))
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