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So even something as innocent as curiosity has been tainted by the arrogant lies of the Solari - so much that their influence cannot be allowed to spread any further. I come forth to both Summoners and Champions alike in an offer to sate your inquiring minds. Whilst I of all people will not be so quick to turn away any concerns others may have, I will not tolerate disrespect. Be warned. My patience fades as the moon wanes. The night will surely come to steal any purblind truths from your eyes, and I hope for your sake that you are wise enough to accept it. Link to old thread, also a staple to my interactions with most outside of the temple.)) ((Another OOC thing, If you wish to do anything Lunari-Related, be it threads, plots, or otherwise some brainstorming, do bring it to my attention, rather than posting what you have in a new thread, I love the support, but there are some things that can and cannot happen, esepcially with Diana not involved. Thank you~))
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