The Mountain Smith's Abode (approach ornn)

After the events of The voice from the Hearth smoke bellowed from the mountain with no peak. A surviving tribe had arrived at the Avarosan capital, speaking tales that The Forgotten God had returned, that Old Ornn was alive and had saved them from Ursine. As the smoke poured the Avarosans began to believe them. Soon word would spread through traders, and it would come to pass that places with lots of trading activity would suddenly hear of the tales of Ornn, and hear of his return. Ornn's home is well known in location, however getting to it is risky, as you must cross the Freljord. Luckily, if you are willing to pay the costs, the winters claw or the Avarosans might be willing to bring you to the mountain's base. It is advised to not approach Ornn seaking meaningless conversation, as most of his legends that are still around speak of his dislike of random chatter. If you seek to approach Ornn, approach him with something in mind. A weapon, or a question. Ornn helps those who help themselves and is overly gruff. Some children would say that Ornn is a softy however, Acting like the leaders must. Hard and gruff, but secretly kind and warm. Regardless it has been many years since Ornn freely roamed the freljord, so he is likely to have changed in part. A few shamans, who know the tale of Hearthhome believe that Old Ornn is finally resurfacing as he has come to terms with his grief. After all, a God is so much larger than any of us, would not his grief be the same. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Howdy everyone, names Ornn. No further pleasentries needed. In all seriousness this is a temp post, it'll be updated further later but this is the overall basis of my Ornn thread. Ornn is a lot more approachable than in the game, attempting to show more patience with individuals. It's a work in progress though, and he isn't very good at it yet. I look forward to meeting you all. Occasionally, if offered plothooks, I will venture out of my thread Also for contact please add me on discord at Ashendorae#6326 or skype as kitsune_neko1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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