Champion Auditions - Yuumi, the Magical Cat

#------ CURRENT STATUS: ACCEPTING SMURFS FOR AUDITION------ These Auditions will be run using the guidelines set forth [Here]( Ensure you read and understand the guidelines before auditioning. ##As always, grab a smurf before posting your interest in the thread. This is to prevent biased assessment. ## Wait until you have officially been selected before posting with your shiny new champion. *"I've read all of Book. Well, most of Book. I like the pictures of fish... of which there are none, Book!"* > Welcome to the Yuumi Champion Auditions This will be business as usual, but for anybody new, the process is quick and painless we promise. The fastest way to get familiar with the process is to read the guidelines posted above. After you do this then you can get started with the fun stuff. Fresh accounts that are created for a singular purpose, otherwise known as "Smurf accounts" are the most vital aspect to auditioning for a champion. This is your chance to have an account with a name appropriate to the champion you want to portray. In this case it's Yuumi, so once you have a smurf post your desire to audition and you'll be added to the list right here on the main thread. ##You have one week from the posting of this thread to post your interest. Once administration has a list of the candidates, they will start the audition, voting, and judging process. The gathering of applicants, submissions, and the eventual winner will be posted here. For simplicity please bundle all Questions/tasks together in your audition post. This way everything can be sorted neatly. The questions and tasks for the auditions can be seen below, so you can get started early. Do not submit until applicants have had a chance to all come in however. The status of the auditions will be updated as time goes along, so don't miss your chance to submit your official audition! *** **Questions/Tasks** ##Task 1) Yuumi is searching for her master, Norra, with the help of Book, and she has likely gone to many places full of adventure and interesting things. Write a short story that is either: * Yuumi traveling to somewhere she found interesting, and meeting someone (who can be anyone). * A telling of the scene when Yuumi and Book agreed to work together to find Norra and how it went down. ##Task 2) Yuumi and Book must seemingly work together to rescue Norra from wherever they may have gone to, but Book is fearful of the possible threats of new places and annoyed at how carefree Yuumi seems to be taking the pace. Write a short story of a scenario in which she protects Book as she stated she would, reinforcing that the relationship is not one sided. ##Bonus) Yuumi and Book may mostly be Yuumi speaking rather chipper, but book can clearly speak to Yuumi. As a duo champion with only one speaking part, write how you would handle Book's side of things as the Yuumi Roleplayer, to give us some insight as to the silent half of this champion. Good luck to all who participate. ##Participants: -WhimsicalFeline
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