Gazing too long into the Abyss (Semi-Open RP)

((Greetings, and hello, everyone who may be reading this. Welcome to the OP of this particular RP! Before I get started explaining rules, regulations, etc. I will advise that anyone wishing to join or participate in the RP please contact me through either discord or through email (Information on how will be located after all the non-story stuff, and before the story stuff, right alongside information on requirements for joining), rather than as an OOC post in the thread. This is simply for organizational purposes, as the thread will hopefully proceed in a specific manner to keep things clean, simple, and easy to keep track of. Of course, any other questions, comments, or concerns may be sent to me through those mediums as well. Now, here are the basic groundrules for this RP. **1. **All standard rules of the board apply, they are pinned to the top of the board so I shan't link them here **2. **Although I am running this thread and set the stage, I am not the only one who can flesh out settings or details. If there is clear room for detail to be added where I have missed, and it does not potentially interfere with important plots points, then feel free to add such details. If you believe something needs to be clarified (such as what kinds of things may very well interfere with aforementioned plot points), then please contact me through discord or email. **3. **This is, in essence, an adventurous campaign of sorts. I am the "Dungeon Master" for this campaign, but it does not utilize a pre-determined RPG gaming ruleset. However, this does not mean there are no rules. **4. **All characters of RPers who wish to participate must submit to me (via discord or email) a document (of any format so long as I can read it and link to it) containing *all* information on their character. Anything not on this document cannot be utilized, referenced (in a serious format, joke references are allowed), or otherwise brought into the RP (this includes Champions, I don't care if they have stupid good abilities in-game, write up their In Universe translations if there are any on a document, and submit it). **5. **All "alignments" of characters are allowed, however they must have good reason for being "protagonists" of sorts, even if they inevitability betray others for their own personal ends. There will be a quote-unquote "antagonist" for this RP, and they will be aligned against all players, regardless of their intentions or otherwise, so if you plan to side with them, prepare to be betrayed yourself. **6. **This RP will be using a "turn" based system in order to keep things not just organized, but flowing and progressing at a steady rate to ensure that it does not stagnate. This includes both combat and non-combat. The details of the system (for both in and out of combat) are explained below. **7. **This is, in the end, a Cooperative experience. Feel free to talk to anyone else outside of the thread to discuss plans, strategies, or anything else concerning the RP. Who knows, perhaps you'll need the extra help >:) **8. **You may change the information on your document **ONLY WITH MY PERMISSION**. If you need to rewrite something, just ask me and tell me what it is you are doing so I can approve it (just so people don't go adding ridiculous stuff out of nowhere). )) **THE SYSTEM:** In this RP, there will be a number of different "Types" of interactions, which I will refer to as "Modes" from here on. Each type functions differently, to ensure that no situations where people get overrun, overturned, or left behind occur. Please read this section *extremely carefully and fully*. If you do not, I will know. *"Conversation Mode"*- Conversation mode is a simple, 1 on 1, non-combative interaction between 2 characters, and 2 character only. It is a simple "I talk, you talk, I talk" scenario, do *NOT*, while in this mode, post two responses to the same person, unless that person has failed to post within 7 days of your response to their last post. At that point, the second response should be you disengaging from the conversation as the other person is NPCed as stunned, static, silent, or otherwise unable/unwilling to respond. *"Group Conversation Mode"*- This mode is a non-combative interaction between 3 or more characters. It uses a unified turn system, in which all players participating in that conversation will respond to ME, as though in a normal Conversation. For example, if 3 different players are talking in a bar, then I would make a post initiating entrance into Group Conversation Mode, then each player will post _**ONE**_ response to that post, once every player has done so (Or a 7 day waiting period has passed), I will post a response that details the current situation, and rolls the conversation over to the next "turn". That "End of Turn" post will also detail the results of any otherwise dubious interactions (For example if one player tries to high five another, but that other fakes him out, I would detail whether or not the fakeout was successful, and perhaps any ensuing consequences if applicable or appropriate). **In this mode, each round of posts or "turn" can vary in length, but most will be roughly 1 minute, +/- an extra minute**. *"Combat Mode"*- This mode is *any* combative interaction between any number of characters, whether it is a 1 on 1 duel or group combat of any kind. Like with Group Conversation Mode, Combat mode is initiated once an appropriately combative action has been taken (or is known to be moments from being taken, such as with an NPC initiator), at which point I will make the first post detailing the start of the battle. Also like Group conversation, each player will then post _**ONE**_ response to my initiating post. Again, after every player has responded (Or a 7 day waiting period has passed), I will make an "End of Turn" post detailing the outcomes of any actions the players have taken, as well as the actions of the NPCs (Who take their turns during this phase). **Each "Turn" is approximately 10 seconds of time, so keep that in mind when taking long-term actions or determining "cooldowns" of abilities, if applicable.** Most interactions will start out in either Conversation Mode or Combat Mode (Though some may begin in Group Conversation Mode right off the bat). Any character can join an existing interaction at any time, they need only make a post showing such (Them engaging one of the other characters, whether its verbally or physically). If it was Combat or Group Conversation Mode already, then it will simply continue with them now added to each round of posting. If a third player joins in on a normal Conversation Mode, then I will (as immediately as I can) make a post quoting all 3 (or more) of the players involved, and that will serve as the initiating post for the Group Conversation. Likewise, if enough character's exit the Group Conversation, then I will make no-content post stating the shift back into regular conversation mode, at which point it may proceed as normal. It is imperative that all players adhere to the functions of each of these three modes. If they do, noone will be left behind. This is meant to be a **Long Term** RP, likely spanning multiple months, or longer. As a reminder of this RP's groundrules, characters may only do things that they are capable of as per the document their controller has submitted to me. **The Insanity Meter** The insanity meter is a measure of a character's ability to resist the subsumption of their soul by Fiddlesticks, this RP's primary antagonist. Each point on the meter is another step closer towards complete and utter insanity, as Fiddlesticks slowly comes to dominate their every waking thought, and eventually consumes them entirely. The meter is measured as a 0-10 status, with each point described below. 0- The character is perfectly fine and functional, completely untainted by Fiddlesticks' dark magic 1- The character has recently come into contact with Fiddlesticks' or his essence, and it has just barely implanted itself in their mind. It has yet to to begin spreading to the rest of their mind, but the character will begin to associate thoughts or ideas of him/it with foreboding, doom, and/or anxiety. 2- The character has begun to more closely understand just what it is they are dealing with, and wandering thoughts will often latch onto the idea of Fiddlesticks', causing consistent anxiety. When thoughts of him become their focus, they will feel fear (though it may be mild). 3- The affliction has begun to spread further, slowly forcing thoughts of Fiddlesticks (accompanied by fear and anxiety) to the forefront of the characters mind. At this point, it becomes an active battle against the malevolent force that is trying to invade and subsume the character's soul. 4- The character's fears have been completely replaced by Fiddlesticks', while the rest of their soul is still intact, it becomes difficult to think of anything fearful, scary, or even mildly disturbing, creepy, or anxiety inducing without immediately associating it with Fiddlesticks or his crows. 5- The affliction spreads further yet, beginning to afflict the other emotions as well. It becomes difficult for the character to feel anything without immediately feeling a spike of fear and/or paranoia, followed by an immediate association with Fiddlesticks'. Occasionally, instinctual and knee-jerk reactions will become violent or random. 6- The victim's emotions have been completely subsumed. While they can still think, it becomes difficult to think of anything other than Fiddlesticks'. His active subsumption of their soul, they will be able to feel it fester, and grow. A sense of danger, fear, paranoia and impending doom will remain omnipresent in their thoughts, and will likely become the focus of their attention until they are either consumed or fight back the affliction. 7- The affliction begins to spread into the victim's conscious mind, forcing thoughts of doom, paranoia, and Fiddlesticks' to the forefront of their attention. It becomes impossible to think of anything without Fiddlesticks' being there. Occasionally, false sensations will intrude their mind, creating powerful paranoia. A caw from over there, a break of branch over there, a cackle or a laugh from an unseen source. 8- The fight is likely lost, only powerful magic or the strongest of wills can fight back at this point. Every waking thought somehow involves Fiddlesticks' and his crows. Death and doom become certainties. Paranoia shifts into hopeless despair, and the victim is left constantly despairing over their and others' inevitable fates. 9- Madness. The affliction has nearly subsumed the entirety of the victim's soul, only shards and fragments of who they once were remaining. They can see, hear, and feel nothing but fear, paranoia, despair, and a flurry of incomprehensible emotions. The can barely even control their own movements, become jerky, violent, and reactionary. 10- Insanity. The Affliction has completely subsumed the entirety of the victim's soul. There is nothing left but Fiddlesticks'. Complete suicidal/homicidal insanity, victim will do everything in its power to murder itself and others, spouting barely comprehensible nonsense about death, doom, despair, and the crows. Death ensues shortly thereafter, as the victim's body shuts down, and Fiddlesticks begins to consume their converted soul. The Insanity meter increases in response to the presence and viewing of Fiddlesticks and his essence/illusions. The more powerful the feeling of fear, paranoia, etc. he is able to generate, the faster the insanity meter will rise. In the early stages, fighting back is certainly possible. Taking comfort in family members, friends. Begin given hope, or speaking reassuring words or hearing moving speeches can help to fight back the affliction. However, as the insanity progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to fight back, and easier for Fiddlesticks' to manipulate thoughts and feelings. Curative magic and skilled psychotherapy can also help. I will control the meter for each character, and determine if/when it increases or decreases. To fight back against it, you can have your character try things to do so. If you are not sure if I will recognize an attempt, feel free to put in the OOC double parentheses that you're doing something in an attempt to fight against it (whether its for yourself or others), and I will analyze and judge if it would be successful. WANT TO JOIN? Contact me through Discord or Email ((**DISCORD: Dicerson#1927** Can also be found on the official discord for the Roleplay board **EMAIL:** I check this email regularly, often multiple times a day.)) Character must meet these requirements 1. Have good reason to be at the RP's location 2. Have good reason to participate in the events therein 3. Be of Inhuman tier or lower as according to [this tier list]( (It is not a 100% solid or absolute list, nor does it provide everything needed to place a character on it. If you need help determining what tier your character is, please contact me and I will assist you.) If they meet these requirements, then please submit a document detailing everything about your character to me, including why and how they are here. If I find they do not meet the requirements, I will work with you to see if adjustments can be made to ensure that they do. PLAYER LIST: [Cassius Malcoviche]( Insanity- 1 (On standby due to medical issues) [Revas]( Insanity- 2 [Talon]( (Yes, that Talon) Insanity- 5 [Jay Conheart]( Insanity- 1 (On Standby due to being missing) [Eclair Efreet]( Insanity- 2 [Jak]( Insanity- 2 ((And now, for the moment ~~noone's~~ you all have been waiting for, the actual OP of the thread!)) Legends. Stories. Myths. Things parents tell their children to keep them in bed at night, stories woven to keep unwanted travelers out. Rumors fabricated to bring otherwise boring towns into the limelight, and give people a reason to care. If only they held such little truth. Unfortunately, not all stories are born of the imagination. These are the stories that are spoken in hushed whispers and tones. The ones that shape the course of history, even though few will ever be aware of this impact. It is around this time year, soon after the autumn harvest in most regions, when these stories begin to creep and surface among taverns, bars, and in rumors. Afterall, this is the Harrowing Season. The time of year when the reach of the Shadow Isles' mist can reach anywhere, anytime, and without warning. Where the bulwark of Bilgewater is but a single stone in the unstoppable tide. But to the people in the No Man's Land between Demacia and Noxus, in the towns and villages that lay interspersed in the giant forest of Cathagar, where trade is their lifeblood, the Shadow Isles aren't the only thing that come around this time of year. Though most scoff at the thought, rumors often abound about the things that sound from deep within the bowels of Cathagar. In the places where no man has tread. Some say that it is here, where Myths are a bit more than mere stories.... Our story begins in the quiet, dusty town of Hathlan. It is night, the moon is out, full and round. The stars glow a vibrant pattern in the sky. A light breeze is blowing through between the multitude of large wooden structures that populate Hathlan. Houses, stores, smithies, crafters. All to be expected of a large trading post, especially one as well-trafficked as this. If you believe the town's merchants, not one coin passes through the no mans land without passing through Hathlan. In one particular tavern, a resting place for the weary and worn, known as "The Crow's Flight" there is a decent hubbub of activity. Music is playing, patrons are going about, dancing, drinking, laughing and talking. Barmaids pace back and forth, taking orders, handing out drinks, turning down brave young men who thought themselves suave. But, all of this stops, suddenly, when the doors to the Tavern suddenly open, and the cool night air rushes in, causing every candle to flicker ominously. Every patron and maid stops and turns to look at the intrusion, a single question on their mind. "Who is at the door?" ((Note, at this juncture the requirements on incoming characters will be increased slightly. Not only will they need to have good reason to immediately join/take action in whatever events are transpiring at that moment (IE, you have read the thread enough to know such things), but also meet a lower power requirement than what was initially needed by the original characters. This is to ensure that the overall party remains beneath a certain power level so that I don't have to do crazy shit to challenge people.))
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