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Xayah listened to the crowd as they cheered and clapped for her beloved, despite his annoying ego and determination to get on her nerves every chance he got, he did create a wonderful distraction. Humans couldn't keep their eyes of Rakan's beauty and grace, the likes of which they'd never obtain, they tended to avoid her or not see her at all if he was around. Something she was grateful of, if only it didn't fuel his ego it would have been perfect. He never listened to plans, always worrying over how he looked and making sure that he was always the most handsome one in the room. She wouldn't mind wringing his neck sometimes. Her deft fingers maneuvered the hardened raven quill like a lockpick, gently nudging and shifting the pins until she heard the telltale *click* of the mechanism giving way to her skill. The prize inside was a simple thing, an emerald rock that shone with ethereal light of the captured spirit magic it contained. The suspiciously wealthy monk had always made a point of denouncing the Order of Shadows and the Noxian savages yet had been seen talking to known agents of both. A dangerous game since it was rumoured that the strange shadow ninja hated the Noxians, either way Xayah hated both and stealing from this particular man was potentially stealing from either of the two factions, a win-win situation. She smirked to herself, Rakan may have been a great dancer, but she was a better thief. She glanced around the room, she had what she had come for but one last look couldn't hurt. Seeing nothing immediately she leapt from the window down into the courtyard with unnatural grace, landing in the shadows and holding up the same feather she had used to pick the lock. It shimmered with magic and changed to a vibrant purple, catching the eye of the golden vastaya on stage who promptly finished his display of acrobatics and leapt into the sky like a golden comet, reaching the roof tops and disappearing to meet Xayah later. The guards who were watching looked confused, the civilians were clapping wildly and calling for an encore... Hopefully the handsome idiot wouldn't oblige them. She slipped away without being seen. ---- OOC: So... kinda new to roleplaying so I wrote something to give you a feel for my ability to write. It's nothing good but I hope to improve! I'm down for almost any RP, send a letter or just wander through Ionia and I'll take the hint and have Xayah come and interact. She's not the nicest or most patient with people. But I'll do my best to stay in character while keeping us interacting.
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