Regarding Meddler's recent post about Nocturne's current state

Maybe this apparently belongs on the beta or something because certain rioters like it more than GD, and I guess its technically board feedback kinda. I was reading through the red tracker, and to my delight I found a thread about a champion I have played over a thousand games of, and feel I know a great deal about. Only to find the thread was closed. For what seems to be no reason. Sure the OP was a bit of a sperg, but instead of actually opening dialogue on the most nerfed champion in the game who has never received a single buff, the thread is just closed? Meanwhile there are threads about GAMES INSIDE- ARAM PW, EPIN XDD and GRRR I GOT BANNED I WANT MY CHAT LOG!! I guess the moral of this post: can we have some kind of filter for red posts that actually matter for those that want game discussion over "games inside" and threads where baconhawk just kinda says nothing and sizzles? Really clutters what should be a comprehensive way to see what the devs are saying. Also, maybe its time to rework a champion that after over 2 years of nothing but nerfs and not a single buff that is still competitively viable. You know, should probably be a priority.
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