"PSA: Scams making the round again!"

[](http://orig10.deviantart.net/cf07/f/2011/330/9/d/unmasked_shen_by_noranimator-d4he2mg.jpg) Can we please get this 5 month old thread off the sticky and put something else? (For those who do not know, the sticky is what Riot puts at the top of the Boards posts permanently) "Alright, shit-face McGee, what do you want instead?" I dunno, maybe the list of classes/subclasses for the people who still don't know they exist or how they work. Or maybe a thread highlighting Boards etiquette? Or, get this, maybe a guideline for what kind of content belongs in which section so people don't get pissed off at mods for removing what seemed like fitting content for that section. Hell, put a picture of a llama. Just... a llama. Preferably one with emo hair. Something. Else. For Goodness' sake. I'm tired of seeing pixelated Braum abs and a reminder that Christmas RP scams are going to eat our newborns.
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