The boards are still absolutely crap on most Mobile devices.

"But OP you amazing beautful man, its still in beta....and they said its on a list" I know these things. It still doesn't help the fact that many forum users are still being shat on and not allowed to access the forums like they used to because they didn't want to deal with GD anymore. Logging in is a complete bitch, because of onscreen keyboards. Editing a post is impossible because it spams you around the page. Red tracker always disappear or hides from you as you try to scroll to it. View comment sends you ALL OVER THE DAMN PAGE. Once the website is done loading, it will send you to the comment rather than allow you to keep reading where you are if you happened to scroll thinking the page was done. And god praise the day when you are actually able to click on one of the links to the left (You know the ones colored like a dogs steaming pile of crap after they ate a bag of banana skins?) with your thumbs, even though you are zoomed so large your grandma can see it from her grave. It's complete incompetence in this day and age of technology. Why they thought it would be a good idea to shove this down the communities throat, I have no damn idea, but its pissing me off still to this day because of it. Yes GD, had problems. At least I could access the forums on GD. Yea I'm bitter, and boards sucks ass.
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