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Hello. I recently made my first forum post on the Skarner rework thread on GD, but since a lot of rioters want to start moving discussions here, I guess I'm making my first discussion here on the beta as well. I came here wanting to make a point about Skarner - but I don't think the issue there was Skarner. Skarner was the symptom to a larger problem, a problem that's harder to nail down: feelings. I know, "Bwuh, feelings on the internet, butthurt etc. etc." We can't avoid them forever, though, because like it or not feelings are factoring into a lot of decisions, and a lot of recent decisions have been hurting everybody's feelings. It's a deadly cycle that needs to stop. I'd like to start off by saying hi to Ironstylus. Hi Ironstylus! You're a cool guy, you're a phenomenal artist and I seriously just want your autograph. Anyway, I saw you post on the GD about the whole Community Beta fiasco and someone posted in response this: > You wrote all that, and still missed the only important point in this discussion. > > The forums are not for you. > > The forums are for us. > > When all your data, all your polling, indicates the community HATES your new system, the conclusion should not be > > "How do we get them to like it?" > > The conclusion should be > > "Oh, well we can't use that, our customers hate it" > > It's not complicated. Unfortunately, he's right. It's selfish of us to think so, but we do. I'm sorry for that, but it's something that you and Scruffy have to accept - much like how I have to except new Skarner; and it hurts. It hurts that I, as a Skarner player, have had my favorite S2 champion completely changed; It hurts that you, as designers, are trying your damned best to make something good for us, but hey, it turns out that we hate it. It sucks because it's your brainchild that you lovingly spent hours trying to debug or fix or innovate upon; it sucks because it's a champion that we fell in love with playing for hours. Point is that it sucks. Acknowledging this, can we just move on? Can our sweet, caring Rioters admit that they made a mistake even if they really liked that mistake? That you wanted your own Reddit, but it just isn't going to work; that maybe you released Skarner a little bit unfinished? Can we, as players, admit that yes, Skarner was kind of a dick to deal with (which was what made him fun, *come on*), and a new E that can permaslow someone like he used to but **only if you can hit a skillshot** might be a better thing? That Riot is made up of people who make mistakes, and they're allowed to be emotionally attached to their creations? Can we please just acknowledge each others' feelings, acknowledge our own mistakes, and stop trying to justify our emotions with "we need traffic/data for a totally non-emotional assessment" or "it was the only way he was viable"? We know none of that is true. The Reddit-style stuff isn't working. Nobody likes it, guys. I'm sorry. Riot, you're going to have to listen to us sometimes. Old Skarner isn't coming back, we're going to have to deal. They didn't like it, guys. I'm sorry. We players are going to have to listen to them sometimes, too.

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