My views on post visibility and discussion

Many others have said it. But I wanted to interject my views on how I feel post visibility should function to cut all the crap on the boards with a select few individuals, myself included, getting all the visibility while many good topics go ignored because a mob of angry downvoters hit the topic before it could become topical. I think the boards should work like this. Instead of upvotes = front page and downvotes = invisibility. Vote count is invisible for 30 minutes after the post was made. Others have said this and it is a good idea. Comments bump post prioritization on the Hot list. Repeat commenters, especially if they are going back and forth with the same person, have diminishing value but still some. People who always comment on a specific persons comtent, should also have slightly diminishing value to prevent abuse from smurfs and BFFs spamming comments. This diminishing effect shouldn't be too punishing and should be tuned in a faor manner in case it jist so happens this person just likes their content, amd should take into account how much/if they comment on other peoples topics frenquently. For example TyrekGoldenspear comments on most posts by myself and Rubick(Metal Malicious) but also on the boards a lot in general. After the 30 minutes votes will become visible and take mild weight in prioritization of the post. But not a hefty weight. If I or somebody else makes a quality, on-topic post about Yasuo it shouldn't vanish just because a couple Yasuo haters got to it first. But if topics have about equal discussion the -10 one should certainly be under the +10 one. On the flipside if somebody made a non-topical low effort post with minimal comments and discussion, it shouldn't hit the top of the front page just because it included a popular viewpoint or silly meme to farm upvotes. Post visibility should not be based on mob mentality, who saw it first or cheating the system(which in turn encourages counter cheating). It should be based on how much discussion it is creating. It doesn't matter if you agree with the OP or not, if their content is bringing conversation they are accomplishing the purpose of the boards and should be visible unless the content violates board rules amd regulations. Thank you for reading. If you agree or see this as a positive discussion topic be sure to abuse the current system and upvote it. Mira Arya Enthe.
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