Cryptoclash Zac, Kalista, Karma, Irelia and Lissandra.

Phoenix, the new worlds song; shows corrupted versions of Irelia, Karma and Lissandra. Now, of course sometimes these aesthetic skins don't translate well into gameplay. ( ...Demacia Vice. ) So I've thought of a nice _variant_ to let people play these black, green and rainbow corruptants in game. Emphasis on variant because it's not just only a chroma, but it will change the ability particles as well. ( Sounds stay the same. ) Lastly, these are called Crypto-*clash*. Ideally given as a Clash reward. These chromas will not be permanent unless unlocked. Instead, they will be available as long as you have won at least one Clash ladder tournament in the season's quarter. ( Every three months. ) The champions the chromas are given to is determined by the position you were in when you won the ladder. Cryptoclash Zac for the jungler. Cryptoclash Kalista for the bot. Cryptoclash Karma for the support. Cryptoclash Irelia for the top. Cryptoclash Lissandra for the mid. Winning four ladders in chosen position unlocks the chroma permanently.

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