Sofia - Wife of the Dead [Champion Concept FIXED] Type: AP Assassin, Melee ____________________________________ Passive - The Grave's End: Every 120 Seconds, Sofia is able to revive a dead ally of her choice Q - **Soul's Revenge:** Sofia Fires a Black-Colored Soul (same hitbox as Lux's Q, just a bit faster) - Which deals 50% AP damage to all enemies it passes through, slowing them. She then gains Movement speed and Invisibility according to how many champions she hit with this ability (1 second for 1 champion, 1.5 seconds for 2 enemies hit, etc). This ability has a 10 second cooldown at all ranks. W - **Dark Energy:** Sofia quickly slashes all enemies around her (Melee range - Similar To Katarina's Passive, but lower range) dealing 70/100/150/200/300 +(40% AP Damage). If Sofia successfully slashes an enemy champion, the cooldown for this is reset. 9/8/7/7/7 Cooldown E - **Rush of the Dead:** Sofia dashes to a target location (dash range is slightly less than Kassadin's R); can be reactivated again within 5 seconds (15/12/12/10/10 second cooldown) R - **Demonize:** For 3 Seconds, Sofia gains 100% Movement speed, and her AP is increased by 50%. The Cooldown to her W is reset during this period, whether she lands her W or not. 80/70/60 Cooldown. _________________________________ Thanks to all of the advice from my previous post! Play Style: Sofia is a high-risk / high-reward champion that relies on her resets to maximize her damage on her enemy. her Q rewards her for hitting more enemies, but has a long cooldown and mana cost, therefore should be used at the right time. Sofia's main damage is derived from her W - As long as Sofia hits an enemy champion, she can use this ability again and again. Sofia's aim is to stick to the enemy and W them continuously. Sofia is punished for missing her W, since it goes on cooldown and she loses a lot of damage. **Note:** Sofia's W does not have an 'end animation'. as long as she is getting those resets, she will keep spinning continuously as if it were a katarina ultimate. Core Items are {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} . Possible items include {{item:3100}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3165}} . Sofia's Mana pool is lather large, thus she does not need to build Luden's. ______________________________________ **PROS:** Ability to revive enemies Decent Slow Mobility DPS **CONS:** Short Range Can mess up combo Easily (Note: If Sofia misses her W, she loses all of her damage for the next 9-7 seconds.) Little AOE
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