repurposing "n.u.r.f." mode into a reduced damage gamemode

essentially, repurposing the old nurf mode which was a joke that never got out of conceptual stage into something that might be fun and worth playing. mainly to see if "just reduce the damage" would actually work to balance the current state of the game. experimental. damage embargo: all damage dealt by champions & monsters reduced by 50%. this reduction scales down to 25% as the game goes on, similarly to the heal embargo effect from URF. this applies to true damage and %health damage dealt. execute abilities (pyke & urgot ult) have their execution range reduced by the current amount. heavy boots: active abilities that provide mobility have their associated cost increased by 20% and cooldown increased by 20%. mana is just a really long cooldown: champions with no resource, or have abilities without costs have their cooldowns increased by 20%, stacking with heavy boots. glued-on plating: plating stays active until 18:30 instead of 14:00. gold recieved from destroying plates reduced to 130 gold from 160. slap fight effectiveness reducer: self-healing reduced by 33%. healing from allied champions reduced based on missing health, up to 25% reduced healing maximum. both effects stack multiplicatively with grevious wounds. armored armor: armor and magic pen effectiveness reduced by 20%~. not flat, for example void staff would give 32% pen instead of 40%. if the additional suggestions don't work, then they can be removed or mixed & matched. dumb suggestion. i haven't slept in 22 hours
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