Champion Idea I thought might be interesting

Hammy the Sea Builder Tank- Top laner/ Jungler Ok so hear me out. Riot has been creating many champions with unique abilities and play styles recently, and they have really gone out of their way to create champions that add new mechanics to the game. My idea is as follows; A champion that resembles a hammerhead shark, with a head that has a radius slightly larger than that of an average champion model (say Garen) . Autoattack- Autoattacks using a whip of his tail The passive would be that any player that is touched by the head is displaced. This meaning, the hammerhead player can effectively walk into other champions and push them in a chosen direction using the wide hammerhead part of his head. If players are pushed into terrain ( a wall or champion-made terrain) they are stunned and take damage. Q- Active- This would be an AOE thrash of the head from side to side. This ability would deal damage if the opponent is hit with the middle of the head, however if the opponent is hit with one of the sides of the head they will take damage and get knocked sideways (depending on which way the head swings). W- Active- For the next 5 seconds gain a movement speed buff and slight increase to head radius ( certain percent) . ( increase to head radius will also increase range of Q) E- Active- Hammy can summon coral from the ground to create terrain. This ability would be ranged and place-able like gangplanks barrels, however the coral would only take one hit to be destroyed. R- Hammy's head radius increases massively for x amount of seconds. This ability would maybe double? his head size. The Q attack radius scales with this, as well as the W increase to head radius Now, where are the drawbacks to this CC god? Well, Hammy is a clumsy shark, and thus his head is also his downfall. When ulting, Hammy is unable to pass through certain tighter parts of the map, such as certain corridors in the jungle. As such, when Hammy ults he is very vulnerable as he has a limited amount of escape routes. When Hammy is not ulting, he is also vulnerable; his head gets caught in small spaces. Spaces in between turrets and walls, as well as the spaces between the nexus turrets and the nexus, will be largely inaccessible to Hammy. While hammy enjoys playing with his food, he does not enjoy devouring his food, and thus Hammy's damage will be limited, acting as a tank for the team. First post pls no hurt.
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