Rhea: The Knuckle of Zaun

Well heres a champ I've had in the back of my mind since, well this morning lmao. Any criticism and thoughts would be appreciated. Rhea: The Knuckle of Zaun A member of a lesser gang of Zaunites, Rhea works as an errand girl, collecting debts, acting as a bodyguard, and even performing hits. Outside of her name, not much can be said of a history, with the exception of a pair of steel knuckles which seem to remain on her person where ever she goes. Role: Bruiser/Assassin Champ Type: Duelist/Diver Lane: Top/Jungle Damage Type: Physical Base Stats: HP: 569 (+75 per level) HP Regen: 11.5 (+0.70 per level) Energy: 300 Energy Regen: 50 AD: 72 (+7 per level) AS: 0.68 (+2.9% per level) Armor: 41 (+4.5 per level) Magic Resist: 25 (+1.5 per level) Attack Range: 150 Movement Speed: 350 Passive: Quickened Rate The cast time of Rhea's abilities are shortened by her total attack speed When an enemy champion is struck by one of Rhea's abilities, she gains (5-25) extra movement speed towards the champion who she attacked last for 3 seconds. Q: Lost A Tooth? Cost: 100/90/85/65/45 Cooldown: 12/10/7/6.5/5 (Not affected by CDR) Rhea will lock herself in place and wind up for 1.5 seconds before thrusting herself forward 500 units. If she makes contact with an enemy champion, she deals (75/90/105/130/190 +85% of Total Attack Damage) and stuns them for .5 seconds and places an armor debuff (3%-15% based on rank) for 4 seconds. (Minions are dealt only 25% damage).) W: Amped Up! Cost: 150/125/100/85/70 Cool-down: 25/21.5/18/14/12 Rhea beats her chest, locking her down for one second. After the cast, if she went uninterrupted she will gain Spell Vamp/Life Steal (10%/12%/15%/18%/21%) and Attack Speed (10%/20%/30%/35%/40%) for 6 seconds. If she was facing an enemy champion the duration is doubled. E: Dodge Roll/Dirty Strike Cost: 110/95/80/75/60 Cool-down: 18/16/13/9/6 Rhea performs an evasive roll providing her .65 seconds of invulnerability. (250 units). The roll resets her auto-attack timer. If she rolls towards an Enemy Champion, she will perform a sliding kick that reduces movement speed by 20% for 4 seconds and deal (50/65/75/90/110 +45% of Total Attack Damage) R: Calling in the Cavalry Cost: 200/150/95 Cool-down: 150/100/85 After channeling for 3 seconds, a line of gunmen set up in front of Rhea and begin opening fire for three seconds. The gunmen deal (350/450/600 +125% of Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage while ignoring (5%/20%/35%) of all enemy champions' armor
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