It just came to my mind. What if we have a champion that can use wards offensively?

Wards are a consumable item and consumable items tends to have an option to be "thrown" at an enemy in modern games. So I wondered what if we can make a jungle or support champion that has a base concept of "surveillance" and point defense which can make wards be a offensive tool in their kit? I made a vague concept. Passive: Warden Armament Recon Deployment System. (W.A.R.D.S) Champion is able to collect a ward that is placed and make it follow him scaling up with levels. Grants stats the more wards are following him. Champion is also able to wards recover faster. These wards that follow him can be thrown by E. Q: Reflector ray Champion shoots a skillshot that will reflect on a ward that can be used for trickshots. Can be reflected on more wards the more it levels and will gain more damage. W: Electric fence Makes an electric fence that emits between wards and stuns enemy on the instant it is made. Slows enemies that go through afterwards. E: Ward launch This skill uses a stack that is unique to its own and throws a ward a large distance. It would be invisible for the first 5 seconds it is deployed and will remain there. It also has a long cooldown and would slow enemies mildly when it lands. R: Position deploy/Demolition Chain 1st cast. Would position wards in a shape in selected area. RQ=triangle, RW, vertical line, RE, horizontal. 2nd cast. Would explode all wards around the champion. (It would not stack, since it would be really silly if all your allies invested on it but it would "chain" to the nearby wards) Maybe this is too "mage-ish". And can make it support like with adding shields near wards. Or speedboosts. I sort of admit the ult is a bit "uninspired" though. It could be more theme-orientated with concepts like granting rewards that you gain while spying the enemy without being noticed. But already this is one weird but fun looking champion imo. There would be a train of wards units behind him.
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