Carde - The Mageseeker Slueth

A Mageseeker from Demacia, carde has travelled the world to study the ways of the mage, gaining weapons from freljord and piltover to help assist him in catching illegal magic activity malefactors. Carde is a champion who keeps all data and crime scene evidence inside his head. He has an extraordinary ability to convert logical damage to physical damage. By identifying the picture of an ability to the champion in time, he is able to deal massive amounts of damage in a team fight. Passive - True Ice Baton Carde's attacks are melee and his first attack (with an appropriate cooldown per target) will knock champions and large monsters back a considerable distance (think a little longer than graves) and apply a slow Q - Temporal Handgun (has charges) Hold - Carde fires a slow travelling bullet (slower than ekko's expanded q) Tap - Card fires a fast travelling bullet and releases all slow bullets from temporal holding, accelerating them. W - Scene Reconstruction Passive - Carde can see the location that ultimates and summoner spells were cast as tiny square **shards** on the ground, but he does not know who cast them. They last as long as their cooldown when cast. E.g. if hecarim flashed over blue card can see a fading flash until the flash for hecarim comes off cooldown. Active - Drains mana to see enemy's footprints in the last 10 seconds in Carde's vision range, even if the enemy is invisible. E - Detention (1/2/3 shots per cast scales with level) Carde fires a long piercing hextech chain, latching onto to slow all enemies hit. At higher levels carde may shoot again to attach more enemies to the same chain. The more enemies hit, the more the slow R - Revelation For a duration, scene reconstruction also leave **shards** for basic abilities (lasting as long as the cooldown of the ability when cast). Shards also become basic-attackable, by Carde only. For that same duration, Carde pinpoints an enemy champion as the culprit. Attacking a shard left by the culprit champion will send a strong zap to that champion. If that champion is chained to other enemies, they receive a portion of the damage too.

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