Kra'Abrul, Guardian of the Seas(Fallen Aspect - Champion Concept)

Probably my last concept for awhile, as it reaches my 20 champs in 30 days goal I had set for myself. Future concepts will just come as they may from now on. Heck, I might throw some ideas at other people now xD I will also start a new page for listing new concepts, as 20 is already a long list to go through. Figured I'd just post him today and take a break tomorrow, so... Eh, not much difference. *** Art is not created by me, check out the artist yourself. **Kra'Abrul**, Guardian of the Seas >Kra'Abrul is known by many as a sailor's tale, a myth of a creature bringing the lost safely to shore, or wreaking havoc on large fishing boats. Some swear it the truth, others are skeptical and mostly mock those who believe due to their lack of evidence. >When not saving sailors or the marine life Kra'Abrul spends most of his time in ship wrecks reading books that sank within the vessel. >Long ago, about 3,500 years in the past, Kra'Abrul was known as Eithis, but was cast out from amongst the stars. Incurring the wrath of his fellow aspects due to his unethical methods and views, he was sentenced to spend the reminder of his existence in the farthest depths of the ocean unless he could recenter his self and prove his valor once again. Losing his mantle of aspect he was stripped of his name and form, and a curse was placed on Eithis that twisted him into a horrible monster which they then bequeathed the name "Kra'Abrul"; directly translated Kra'Abrul means "creature of hate" or "creature of scorn". >Once he was in the waters away from his beloved sky, he grew increasingly angry and took out his frustrations on travelers and anything else around him, bitter at the apparent betrayal against him. And the legend of the Mad Typhoon was born, as his wrath knew no bounds and he often made his best attempts to reach the mountain he was cast from with his powers, harming all in his path. >2,000 years later his anger had finally faded, and he visited all the ships he sank, feeling remorse for what he had caused. This was not who he had wanted to be, and he was not going to be a prisoner to his anger any longer. Searching and reading scripts and books in the wreckages he found meaning in the life around him, and he made a vow to be a better being than he ever was before, to truly reclaim his seat among the stars. >Another 1,000 years had passed, during this time Kra'Abrul was working on reaching greater heights until he managed to bare leaving the waters and set foot on shore, and this was the day which he managed to touch the warm sand. Every day from then on he checked to see how far inland he could go, marking his worthiness and personal growth along the way. He went from crawling around on six limbs furiously attacking his surroundings, to now standing on two limbs in a refined manner with two other limbs crossed as though meditating; and now he protects his surroundings with purpose. Slowly proving that despite circumstances anything can be overcome, and lessons always learned. >500 years have passed since stepping foot on dry ground, and he is almost to the peak of Targon once more. *** **Abilities** *** >**Passive: Deep Carapace** Every point of bonus AR(Armor) grants Kra'Abrul 0.5 bonus AP(Ability Power). Due to his crab-like nature slow effects are 40% stronger(50% = 70%) against Kra'Abrul. >Passive: Wet Shell Casting Kra'Abrul's abilities involving water and being in the river both make him Wet which persists for 1.5 seconds upon leaving or ending an ability. Kra'Abrul gains +10-15% movement speed and +10-20% Armor while Wet. *** >**Q: Chela | CD 9/8.5/8/7.5/7 | Cost 35/40/45/50/55 | Range 250** Kra'Abrul unwraps his front legs and uses them like pincers, pulling enemies toward him. Deals 40/65/90/115/140+(40% Ability Power, 80% AR) Physical damage. *** >**W: Tidal Surf | CD 14/13.5/13/12.5/12 | Cost 60/65/70/75/80 | Range 350 | Radius 175** Kra'Abrul calls a wave from 150 units behind him that rushes forward 500 units, slowing all units hit by 25% for 1.5 seconds and dealing 30/50/70/90/110+(35% AP) magic damage to units hit, increased to 200% damage on minions and monsters. Recast while Kra'Abrul is within 125 units to ride the wave. *** >**E: Submerge | CD 28/26/24/22/20 | Cost 80 | Range 400** Kra'Abrul drops into the ground after 0.5 seconds, splashing water around, and emerges 0.5 seconds later from the ground in a nearby area. Emerging deals 80/110/140/170\200+(70% AP, 30% AR) magic damage in a 175 unit area and taunts all enemies hit for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Range is decreased by 50% while slowed. *** >**R: Typhoon | CD 210/170/130 | Cost 150 | Radius 700/750/800 |** Kra'Abrul spits water into the air and causes an area around him to rain down water for 10 seconds. While in the Typhoon he heals for 2/3/4%+(1% AP) of his max health each second. Enemies in the Typhoon take 1/1.5/2%+(0.5% AP) of their max health as magic damage every second. These effects are canceled while in bushes. >Passive: Water Works Being wet now enhances Kra'Abrul's basic abilities. >Q: +15/20/25% damage and applies 0.25/0.5/0.75 second stun. W: +40/50/60% larger wave and distance traveled, and 30/35/40% slow on enemies hit for 1.75/2/2.25 seconds. E: Cooldown reduced by 40/55/70%, delay reduced by 50/65/80%. *** >STATS HP|640+72 H5|7+.6 MP|300+25 MP5|6.5+.6 AD|64+4 AS|.62+3.5 AR|30+2.5 MR|20+1.25 MS|330 RG|150 *** How does he work? He is intended as a jungler or top laner. Might be able to support decently. Lots of area control and mobility, but weak against mages and cc. And has high mana costs given his mana pool. Building items like Zhonya, Sunfire, Liandry, and Spirit Visage or Abyssal are good choices. Trying to find a balance between AR and AP items is difficult, so generally you'll end up choosing one path over the other depending on the game. If you go Armor route you will want something like Iceborn Gauntlet to help with mana problems, and if you go AP you'll likely want to get ROA to help with both mana and tank problems. E is essentially a delayed mini teleport, like a LeBlanc without the safety back, but can go around things like Veigar wall. W collides with walls. Q cannot pull units over walls. R is VERY deadly, but in a much more subtle way. When paired with Liandry's and Rylai's it can deal about 95% of a target's max life over 10 seconds(100% with 10% increase on Rylai's), reduced by magic resist of course. Typically only yielding around 60-50% over the 10 seconds, but that is still a huge amount of damage in a huge area. Given, it is completely cancelled while they are inside a bush, so you'll have to bait them out or pull them out yourself. For reference 725 units is Janna R size, and 750 is Trundle W size, so 800 units AOE might be unmatched(Not counting ASol). *** Check out my other champions here:
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