Elemental Elevation - Greater Rune, Inspiration.

This will be when Rise of the Elements is in effect. Elemental Elevation: After assisting in a dragon takedown, become an elemental for 4 minutes. Temporarily gain 5 - 10% of all stats from the defeated dragon. ( Based on level. ) Temporarily gain +80 - 500 bonus health. ( based on level. ) Permanently gain +50 health. Effects from elemental climate change is increased by 10%. ( Except Cloud Drake. ) Best champions: {{champion:107}} {{champion:102}} Tactic: If well planned with your team, {{champion:145}} Kai'sa can utilize this in the mid game for a little more progress to her evolutions. However, supports like {{champion:89}} Leona can benefit greatly from this. However, due to being in inspiration; this could backlash if Leona does not get the drake buffs.

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