Blitzcrank Tankcrank Skin

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
I made a new skin I would love to see it In the game I mean I'm sure you guys can make it graphically better I used paint but I think this is an amazing skin idea and I would love if RIOT can get in contact with me or be able to make this happen but here it my idea of the skin. Skin name: Tactical Blitzcrank or Tankcrank Ive attached a few photos of how I could see it looking to me its very well thought out and organized Blitzcrank would be the color of a tank [ Dark green ] as photo shows with a Nuke Symbol in the middle of his chest it could be spinning in a circle or something really cool his one arm has a rocket [ rocket grab ] but an actual missile or nuke and when it hits a player the rocket turns around and pulls the champion to Tankcrank or maybe an explosion animation then his E [ knock up ive attached like a grenade looking hand thing I think it looks pretty cool and his back where he uses his W they are rockets or missiles and when you speed up fire comes out from beneath and his ult maybe have nukes shooting out of him in all directions and his death animation will be him exploading because hes a tank with a nude inside him or something along that lines ive attached photos ive made of the skin I really want to see this in game and the wires are red and blue wires like if u need to cut them as a bomb team would or SWAT team make him tactical and please if this happens can I have the skin for free for being the creator of it! but I really would love to see riot pursue along with this please please please KEEP ME UPDATED!!!!!
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