Gam, The Heretic Chef

( Role top/jungle/support Passive: new dish: every monster depending on the dish gives him a new ability (the old smite abilities) at the beginning of the game you get one minor ability like chicken, gromp or scuttle. Chosen ability will be slot of your items as a consumable Order up: every 4 minutes in base Gam creates a new dish for his allies (max one/two/three dish per team) Q: burning ham: gam does a burning uppercut knocking up for .5 second his enemy and does aoe burning damage W: salmon barrage: gains attack for three attacks first two do a bit of magic damage and a slows, the third strike grabs and throws them behind him doing additional max health damage. E: rampaging beef: does a small dash pushing minion and small monsters away and knocking back the first champion or large monster he hits. R: secret free sample: gives everyone in a medium aeo and is used instant giving allies extra damage and speed boost Bio: part of the line of famous chefs that served kings of old in damacia, Gam the youngest son and the chef of noble clans wantes to prove himself but after lies and betrayals he had to escape, now scowering the runeterra for new dishes and learning new fighting style from many people and creating his own Gam hopes to get back to demacia not to prove himself but to beat up the siblings that betrayed him Rugged ( just a concept idea for a champ maybe i will post story about the tales of the champ idea, who knows tell me what you think guys {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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