Mordekaiser rework concept, The Iron Overlord

So, I have been working on this for a long time now and I would dare say I came up with something good. I hope this will help Riot rework him as fast as possible and I hope you guys will like it as much as I do (feel free to leave ideas for changes in the comments and help with the balance so that we can forge a truely good champion). --- ##**Passive - Living Armor ** (**Body of Iron**, pick your favorite): Mordekaiser doesn't have HP he instead has shield with a bonus of X% Armor and MR (I will adress it as HP though). Abilities that deal extra damage to shields ( like Irellia's) deal damage to it as if it was normal HP. Mordekaiser's socond bar is now Life Essence (LE). It does not drain nor regenerate on it's own (it doesn't act as a shield for Mordekaiser). LE will regenerate from causeing damage with abilties. Mordekaiser can't get extra HP (he will get more HP than other champions for leveling up), instead 30% of his extra HP is Turned into max LE. Mordekaiser's abilities will drain a lot of HP (around 200-400) but if he has LE it will drain instead, if he has to use his own HP he will only lose 50% of the amount. Mordekaiser won't go below 0 HP from using abilities. Upon visiting the fountain the LE will fill up. ## **Some Optional Passive Stuff:** 1. Shields granted to Mordekaiser act as heals and heals instead grant LE. 2. Mordekaiser can't get life steal but his abillities' LE regeneration scales with life steal. The main idea of this new passive is to solve the problem of the his current passive (of being either too strong and making it too hard to kill Mordekaiser or being too weak and not doing it's job) while keeping a familiar feeling. The idea of shield for HP, HP for mana is inspired by Mordekaiser's lore: he isn't alive he is a walking armor that takes people's souls. --- ##**Q** (Nightfall's Darkness / Dusk Bringer / Dusk strike): Once the ability is first pressed you get an 8 seconds window before it runs out. By holding the button you charge the ability for up to 3 seconds adding mixed damage to your next basic attack and making it do splash damage. While holding the ability Mordekaiser gets increasd Armor and MR but decreased MS. 50 Hp will be drains for every second of charging. If the basic attack is not used until the window ends 50% of the HP/LE will be recovered to where it came from. I think this ability goes great with Mordekaiser being easy to kite but able to take and deal a ton of damage up close. --- ##**W** (Metal Storm / Whirling Metal / Iron Storm): Mordekaiser creates a storm of metal for X seconds (3 seems good to me) in a targeted location dealing damage overtime to enemies in it. If Mordekaiser stands in the storm his LE will drain and turn into HP in a rate of X per 0.5 a second. Upon recasting the ability or the time running out Mordekaiser calls the shards back and the metal shards return to Mordekaiser in a straight line damaging enemies it passes through (The shard swarm will be more dense when coming back than in the storm). Enemies that are hit by the return of the shards get pulled a bit to Mordekaiser(optional). This will give Mordekaiser the sustain he is missing from the Passive changes. This ability also shows Mordekaiser's ability to manipulate metal. --- ##**E** (insert name): After a small delay (about 0.5 a second) Mordekaiser smashes the ground with Nightfall, raising metal spikes from the ground in a cone shape (like his current E's shape). The first hit deals damage and then the spikes stay for 2.5 seconds dealing small damage over time. That ability is very similar to his current E but it now alows him to have more zone control and punish enemies that stay still while fighting him. --- ##**R** (insert name): I would love it if we could keep the ghosts because of how iconic they are but they create so many glitches and makes Mordekaiser need monitoring whenever any change to champs / new champs / new items make it into the game. So, I'm going to suggest two options, one is a tweak to the currnt ult (if you are up for the task Riot), and one is a completely new ult. (Edit: the old ult problem has been mostly solved thanks to PSYCHOTICWRATH's great idea). **1.** Mordekaiser creates a grasping hand made of dark mist in a target location, the hand quickly swipes in a small arc from left to right. The hand damages and curses the first champion hit. The cursed target is damaged over time. If the cursed Champion dies, their corpse vanishes & is replaced with one of 3 (range, mele or mage) ghost pets based on champion type & stats built. RANGE: Higher AD/AP/Base ratios on basic attacks, less health/armor/MR ratios MAGE: Less AD/AP damage on basic attacks as the range, but deal small AoE damage, slow & don't count as projectiles MELEE: Highest ratios on health/armor/MR, decent AD scaling & poor AP scaling factored into basic attack damage. (idea by PSYCHOTICWRATH). It goes through decoys (like Shaco's and LeBlanc's). Void Shift, Banshee's Veil, etc. will block the first damage but not the curse itself. It goes through Yasuo's wind wall aswell. The dragon passive can stay as it is or be removed if it seems necessary to do so. I thought it would be nice to add some counterplay option to the ult. This will also make it able to hit invisible enemies, maybe it can get a damage increase to it's damage over time too. The main pro of this idea is that it keeps the ghosts while removing it's previously mentioned problems. **2.** Once the ult is used Mordekaiser's abilities cost 0.5the HP to cast for the same duration the curse has (even if he misses). It's applied in the same way as the first one but the curse will work like this: The cursed target's soul now serves Mordekaiser, all damage Mordekaiser is supposed to take from using his abilities instead damages the cursed target as magic damage. This ult concept is meant to boost Mordekaiser's sustain when used and also his damage if he lands it. --- This here is an amazing design concept made by Dylan Hall that I think can go really well with my concept:[/img] I hope you liked it upvote and comment if you did so i can know if it needs changes or not. Nrsh, a true Mordekaiser main (my name isn't Mordekai for no reason)
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