Malzhar Gameplay Update, Malzahar Main's Ideas.

As a long time AD Malzahar jungle main I would love if his voidlings was a bigger part of his power budget. I find playing around the pets being a lot more fun than playing im as a typical 1 combo KO mage. Words that define Malzahar: Mage, Duelist, Minionmancer, Tank Killer, STD Overlord, Anti Assasin and for me, Objective controller. Malzahar kills things that stands still be it a tower, a dragon ar the enemy tank. I'd love if most these stayed true after the mage update, but having all would overload him. I've been thinking a lot on how to improve Malzahars kit overall. His current problem is that the power he has is tied on how people play against him. This is how he works now. A large complain is how he gets "destroyed" by qss. Passive: A newly spawned voidling got a 3rd of the dps a fully grown has. Q: Hard to hit but devestating 3 sec silence nuke if does. W: Incredible %damage if you can get them to stay in the zone. E: This spell is Malz bred and butter, voidling controll and manasustain incredbly reliable. R: 2.5 sec supression and self stun. All of Malz spells are gated by high mana costs due to his incredble combo and built in manasustain. I personally think Malz would be better of if his strengths was tonned in favor of consistency. Passive: Voidlings start of at their second stage strenght but the growth mechanic is removed. A new machaninc to make Malz more about Crabs. Voidling uppgrade paths bought by using a special resource (think Black Market Brawlers), just as an Idea. Q: Faster but shorter silence and Lower Damage. Lower Mana Cost. W: As it is, maybe some interaction with voiddlng uppgrade like a heal or speed boost. Lower Mana Cost E: Lower Damage, is no longer counted as an debuff for the purpose of QSS(This is honestly annoying). Lower Mana Cost at later levels. R: Okay this thing is really unfun to play against and take up almost the entire power budget, it's the spell in most of need of a rework. My suggestion is to keep Malz R being targeted CC that stuns him but making it into a 2 parter with channel that leades into the suppresion making playing against Malz more about dodgeing the silence and moving away than keeping out of Flash WRigniteEQ combo. Please comment your own thoughts I'd love to read and discuss them.
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