Talon Skin Ideas? (Its Been a while)

Yeah Yeah, he got Blood Moon not to too long ago but he hasn't gotten any event skins, like ever, which is what i am purposing with Halloween around the corner i would expect you to fit him in but like talon would look great as a Freddy Kruger knock off or straight up just give him a spooky Talon skin like gangplank has. At least in my mind it would fit talon as a champ, idk A winter skin again would be really easy i feel because you could do a frosted talon skin or do something like a Santa Talon skin because i know you could make some sick and cheese voice lines, (image you just 100-0 the adc, "you where on my Naughty list" *laughs*) i know this probable wont happen because Candy kayn is a way cooler idea,( like start off as an elf assassin form is like Santa, demon form is Krampus) but still. Idk i love playing talon but its been 6 years of looking at the same 4 skins, idk just ideas :) i hope people like it and its considered, if anyone wants to talk more about designs and stuff Im always on, i love coming up with skin and champion designs, i have over 100 skin ideas drawn up and over 20 champion models, some even having ability ideas (with unreasonable stats as i don't know how to balance them at all but that's besides the point :P). OH last thing, talon has a bug where if you q a champion or minion out side of the range, he still makes the noise as if he actually jumped, its funny but also kinda dumb when you have a talon spamming that the hole game (Me XD) anyways cheers, LLNumbersLL {{champion:91}}

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