Rework Ideas

These are some ideas i had for reworks that I thought would be cool to see. I love playing league of legends (suck at it but love it) and thought it would be cool to jot down power ideas and see what other players would do with reworking powers. Aatrox - Since he is an ancient blade master I thought a unique blade would be cool. I have seen couple shows where there is a sword that kind of segments into a whip. I would give him a similar blade. P - Keep Passive the same; it's cool Q - Make the hit box slightly bigger. When he lands he spins/flurries the blade in a way that stuns those that are very close W - Still a toggle. When dealing the bonus damage give him a slightly longer range as the blade is in whip form and slow the attack speed slightly. In the off form shorten the attack range and increase speed slightly as he is using blade from a little more defensively. E - Animates closer to an illaoi slam, with a narrower hit box. Possibly pulls them back slightly to. R - Massacre would be my biggest change. He would create an area similar to fiora or kindreds in size. It would drain enemies hp and give him his regular ultimate boosts while within the area. If an enemy champion died within the area it would create a small fear burst. Massacres create a panic. Ahri - Queen of mean that toys with emotions before sucking up your soul. She only has one “emotion” like ability though. P - Give her a greedy Font of Life type passive. If she hits an enemy champion with crowd control she gains a small amount of hp whenever the enemy is damaged. If the enemy dies while marked she gains back a percentage of either their max or whatever their current hp when they were marked. Q - Keep Orb of Deception; magic death ball is cool W - Creates a burst of flames in a small area around her. Any creatures, minions, champions hit are feared E - Charm remains the same; Now she causes fear and love - yay! R - Her ult can only hit champions and creates the ultimate apathy as she hits them. Mark the enemy champs hit when she rushes. If three essence bolts hit the same enemy, they are filled with overwhelming apathy (stunned) for a short period. Akali - Super cool ninja. I would just be adding a little more stealthy tricks to her. P - Keep the same; it fits her story Q - Keep the power, change the animation. A kunai or something. Or make the q a skillshot with higher damage potential. W - When not in or near a twilight shroud akali dashes a short range becoming invisible for the dash. When near a Twilight Shroud akali teleports to the center of the shroud and the cool down is halved. E - Keep the same R - Akali moves through and strikes an enemy consuming an Essence of Shadow Charge. At the end of the dash Akali drops a twilight shroud. The shrouds are slightly smaller and have the same duration. But now akali is dancing between her shrouds giving her a more ninja feel. Mordekaiser - Lets use their souls against them more! A melee adc seems cool but hard with the pokes P - Keep Iron Man Q - Empower next basic attack to slow the enemy. You hit so hard you knock their spirit out. It does three auto attacks against the closest target. If that is W - Sorrow Storm! First part works similar to what it does now. Second option is it can be used on an enemy. Reducing vision slightly and slowing them. It would help make poking the melee adc harder E - the Siphon of Destruction remains the same. Add that your ghosts from q and children also produce the cone when cast. R - Children of the Grave remains the same.
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